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  1. Hand-held Creator C110 OBDⅡcode scanner is designed to troubleshot BMW vehicle from 2000 to 2012, including read DTCs, clear DTCs, display live data and clear adaptation. The new updated V3.8 software adds the active test function for BMW MINI models. Here is the example of resetting 3-serie E46 airbags/SRS light with C110. Step-by-step instructions: Well install Creator C110 OBD2 software Plug the code scanner with vehicle via OBD socket Select DIAGNOSE function form main menu Select BMW series: 3 Series Select the detail BMW model: 3-serie E46 Select Body control module Pull down the drop-list and select SRS (Air bag), click OK Select Read trouble code The system will automatically read error code information stored in Body module, press OK Select Erase trouble code. The reason for the airbags light was on the dashboard. It needs to be disconnected. Once reconnected, go back to C110 BMW code reader program, select Erase trouble code again. The system will display Trouble code is erased message. Airbag light will start to flash. If the light does not stop flashing, turn ignition off and then turn it on.
  2. Between INPA and ISTA/D (Rheingold), which one is better and which one should be used for bmw E/F series diagnosis/coding/programming? Here are professional tips by experienced users. INPA and ISTA/D (Rheingold), which one better? ISTA/D (aka Rheingold) is the current dealership diagnostic software for all Exx and Fxx cars. ISTA/D is the replacement for older dealership DIS diagnostic software. Likewise, ISTA/P is the replacement for older delaership SSS Progman programming software. ISTA/P & ISTA/D are designed to be used with an ICOM Interface, and with full ICOM-A-B-C, you can connect to older cars. The ICOM “C” Connection is for the older BMW ADS 20-pin round “Pacman” connector in Engine Bay. You can find versions of ISTA/D with an ICOM Emulator builtin, that allows you to use it with an ENET Interface for Fxx cars and a DCAN Interface for Exx cars. I don’t know for sure, as I do not do any Exx work, but I doubt ICOM Emulator would work for older ADS connector. INPA (interpreter for test procedures) is older factory floor diagnostic software, designed to run test procedures. While INPA can be set for English User Interface, most of the Test Procedures, which can be difficult to find, are in German. Between the two, ISTA/D is simply a better option. It has a modern interface, is 100% English (or available in a multiple other languages), and is complete in that it does not require additional Test Procedures. You can have ISTA/P & ISTA/D installed on a laptop aside INPA, WinKFP, and INPA without any issues. INPA and Rheingold, how to choose for different BMW cars? All Rheingold versions have native support for Ediabas 7.x, this option just needs to be activated from istagui config file. I can check the parameter later. This means that INPA K+DCAN can be used directly with Rheingold, as long as the Ediabas (which comes with BMW Standard Tools) is configured for this interfaces. Setting for Ediabas.ini can be found in Rheingold settings, under VCI tab (if the config file has been configured correctly). If the interface works with INPA or Tool32, then it works with Rheingold too. ADS interface is not supported, as Rheingold requires Ediabas 7.x, and only Ediabas 6.x and older has ADS support. So to use Rheingold with ADS cars, ICOM is mandatory. ADS cars are E36, E34, beginning of E38 production and all chassis models that are older than these. E39, E46 and later E38, and all chassis models made after these are equipped with K-line or D-CAN, so K+DCAN cable (combinated interface that has both K-line and D-CAN) is good for these cars. F-series cars can use K+DCAN for diagnosis and ENET for diagnosis + coding and programming. There are 20-pin connectors in engine compartment on all cars made approximately before year 2000, even if they have OBD-2 connector too. If there are both of these connectors available, then 20-pin must be used as OBD-2 is then connected only to DME/DDE and EGS. 20-pin connector type is K-line or ADS, depending on the chassis model. If it is K-line, then K+DCAN and obd-20pin adapter can be used. There is also ADS interface available, it can be used with INPA on ADS cars. It can be found from E-bay, and it is called Tiny ADS. This ADS thing talks directly to COM-port i/o memory addresses, so laptop must have native COM port. USB-COM adapter will not work, period. Of course ICOM can handle these cars via ethernet connection, even with INPA. To configure ICOM to work with Ediabas, I-tool radar is used to check ICOM ip address and then EasyConnect can be used to configure ediabas and to lock the ICOM. Note: How to activate Ediabas support in Rheingold: Open ISTAGUI.exe.config with notepad find line with parameter BMW.Rheingold.OperationalMode change it to this: Which software for E/F series diagnosis, coding, programing? If you want meaningful Diagnosis in English, for both E-Series and F-Series cars, you need ISTA/D (Rheingold) and you can request it here: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/v201612-bmw-icom-software.html For Coding, you need different Tools, NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series and E-Sys / PSdZData for F-Series. All Diagnosis and Coding can be done with cheap DCAN Cable for E-Series and cheap ENET Cable for F-Series. For Programming (Flashing ECU’s with new Firmware), then you need ISTA/P for for both E-Series and F-Series cars, or you can use WinKFP for E-Series and E-Sys for F-Series. For E-Series Programming, you will need an ICOM, but for F-Series Programming, you can use ENET Cable.
  3. Working solution to INPA EDIABAS INITIALIZATION ERROR. Error message 1: ApiCheckJobStatus: Error #95 SYS-0005: OBJECT FILE NOT FOUND API job error or no such result ! Ediabas error #95 means that some INPA script (.IPO file) is requesting a result from some .prg file that does not exist. This is most probably caused by a missing .prg file. Error message 2: 2.5 IFH-0018: Inizialisation Error INPA doesn’t work but Toolset yet The error occurs if a SGBD is running by INPA or CASCADE. If the same SGBD is loaded in the Toolset it will not occure an inizialisation error. Reason : The communications port COM1 doesn’ exist, but COM3 yet. The Toolset is working without the inizialisation error, because the file OBD.ini exists in the directory C:\Ediabas\bin\. But the file OBD.ini has to exist in the direcory C:\Windows. Solution: Copy the file OBD.ini in the directory C:\Windows or create a new one. (Creation of OBD.ini q.v. 3.3). Error message 3: Edibas error: ApiCheckJobStatus: Error #28 IFH-0018: INITIALIZATION ERROR. API job error or no such result! Varuantenkonrolle: IFH-0018: INITIALIZATION ERROR. Das Programm wird abgebrochen! Reason: Ediabas is attempting to access port COM1. However, the port doesn’t exist, or it has been taken by another programme (e.g. HotSync from Palm, infrared). Solution: Install a COM1 interface or free it. Real feedback on INPA initialization error with solution above: Yesterday my BMW INPA K+DCAN software showed error: INITIALIZATION ERROR. killed several hours with this knock-off. The car i connected to is BMW 2011 – e92 – LCI. To set the COM to 1, obd.ini is also COM1. I seek help from forums and one of them provided a solution to the problem: (solution offered by an experienced user with K+Dcan cable) Modify the EDIBAS.INI as follows RemoteHost ; Description : server address/name ; Default = – ; RemoteHost = Desmo16 Desmo16 being my computer’s name (note that this must be maximum 8 chars) and Port ; Description : IP communication port ; Value : 1000 < port < 3000 ; ; Spezialfall OP(P)S /ICOM: ; Value : 6801 ;OBD-Treiber (CAN) ; Value : 6802 ;Most-Treiber ; ; Default = – ; Port = 6801 OBD2 notice that you should be sure port is 6801 as mine was 3000. It worked like a charm after i made these mods.
  4. I have successfully done CIC retrofit on E89. (similar operation applies to all BMW E-series). You need: cable (i used 2016 version with a switch) working NCS EXPERT software valid daten files for your car Model: BMW E89 (this method applies to all BMW E series) BMW CIC retrofit coding procedure: connect the BMW K+Dcan cable to the car read VO program CAS and FRM/ NFRM for CIC retrofit run NCS EXPERT software select File-> Read Profile select Expert mode press F1 or click the VIN/ZSC/FA button press F3 or click the ZSC/FA| ECU button select CHASSIS: E89 for E9x models then select ECU: CAS note: VO on CAS and FRM pr NFRM needs to be changed then get the car details identified (CHASSIS, FG, FA) press F2 or click the Enter FA button select CHASSIS: E89 check VIN and click OK highlight old build date e.g. #0607 add press delete (keep note of your build date) add build date #0909 for E9x CIC. later date needed for combox (possible #0910) add &6VA and press OK press the BACK button then press PROCESS ECU note: avoid Process car as it programs every module (RISKY), and not needed select ECU: CAS press CHANGE JOB to: FA_WRITE) check for FA_WRITE and EXCUTE JOB press CHANGE ECU select ECU: NFRM note: FRM module or NFRM depending on model EXCUTE JOB again to make sure FA_WRITE and correct module selected coding done!! now to make sure the coding went well in the new VO and the CAS, FRM/ NFRM again, run NCS EXPERT software select File-> Load Profile select Expert mode press VIN/ZSC/FA press ZSC/FA| ECU select CHASSIS: E89 select ECU: CAS press ENTER FA select CHASSIS: E89 check VIN and click OK !! check build date #0909 and &6VA you added just now then press BACK press ZCS/ FA f. ECU select ECU: NFRM press ENTER FA select CHASSIS: E89 !! check build date #0909 and &6VA you added just now coding done & verified! now to default coding the CIC unit to recognise your cars features, such as AS PDC, Bluetooth... again, run NCS EXPERT software select File-> Load Profile select Expert mode press VIN/ZSC/FA press ZSC/FA| ECU select CHASSIS: E89 select ECU: CAS press BACK press PROCESS ECU select ECU: CIC note: CIC now should be displayed in the list of modules press CHANGE JOB to make sure that SG-CODEREN is selected by JOBNAME check and press EXCUTE JOB the CIC unit will reboot and load up with all of your options note: NAVI and VOICE/ DVD in motion have to be activated in other ways
  5. Check this INPA K+DCAN cable, cheap $18, works better Win XP. http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/bmw-inpa-k-can-743.html load you pcb layout here
  6. Hi Guys, Recently i managed to install this software to my laptop and connect it to my E90 320d using K+DCAN cable. It is very good software to troubleshoot, diagnose fault, coding, workshop manual and register new battery with step by step guides. if not mistaken, BMW service centers and dealers also using this software. it took me about two weeks to install and figure out how to connect to my car. here I share back the step by step guides how to install it for our benefit also for my future reference. Step 1: Download the program (prepare space around 25gb) https://mega.nz/#F!T...cK2dXatqDc_Q3YA Step 2: Download and install RC cleaner https://mega.nz/#!Sp...f1vYPQ1ACBIC8tM Step 3: Download this instruction and follow the instruction how to install the sofware https://mega.nz/#!kl...zs0CSVVXSvcbMNQ To connect to E90, you neet K+DCAN can cable and I purchased the cable from here. For F series, you need to buy enet cable. http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/bmw-enet-interface-cable-e-sys-icom-coding-f-series.html To configure K+DCAN cable to E90, you need to install BMW Standard Tools 2.12 and can be downloaded from here. (choose COM9) http://www.mediafire.com/download/qldyddn48ffzrwn/BMW+Standard+Tools+2.12.rar Connect the K+DCAN cable and install the driver and follow this step to set the COM port no (choose COM9) http://www.osefactor...tion_Manual.pdf That's it. Connect the cable from OBD2 socket to laptop, start your engine and enjoy!! Some screenshot:
  7. inpa will never access to mileage correction. You need professional mileage programmer,i.e DigiProg III http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/low-cost-digiprog-iii-odometer-master-programmer-entire-kit.html
  8. This is a good news for C310 owners, v5.1 is released and i updated from the link here http://blog.obdii365.com/2015/12/14/v5-1-bmw-creator-c110-obd2-scanner-download/
  9. Here is an instruction on BMW E46 318 DME software upgrade on M43TU engine with BMW ICOM WinKFP software. You can choose to load WinKFP on wifi bmw icom diagnostic system or cheap inpa K+DCAN usb cable. Instruction: 1) Well installed WinKFP software (latest goes to Rheingold ISTA-D 3.50 ISTA-P 3.56.1). 2) Connect BMW ICOM A2diagnostic system or inpa hardware with vehicle via OBD socket. 3) After well load software, run BMW WinKFP software on the desktop. 4) Select “F1 Comfort mode” 5) Select “F3 Update ZUSB”, then choose engine type “MDS43” by pull down the drop-down list on “ECU family” Tab. Press “Done” button. 6) Press “F3 Prog ZB-Update”, accept the windows prompt by clicking on “Yes” The WinKFP software will display the detail vehicle information on the top of the program Accept “The user info field can still be programmed 12 times. Program ECU?” notice by clicking “OK” WinKFP now is updating the ECU, wait until it processes to 100%. ECU update is completed, ZUSB-Update programming OK. Exit BMW ICOM WinKFP software and disconnect diagnostic tool.
  10. C110 scanner is good but will not do coding. Ps: that price will buy 2 sets of Pa-soft cables
  11. cheapest working INPA cable with software CD, 14 bucks, no shipping http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/bmw-inpak-can-with-ft232rl-chip.html
  12. Inpa on Win 10? Any installation document ?
  13. i have not tested on KKL cable. It should work, both D+CAN and KKL cable are ftdi based cables. Rheingold on ICOM emulator takes some time to access ECU data, so as inpa cable. The reason why using a inpa cable instead of icom emulator is that it is damn cheap
  14. Rheingold multi versions, you make your choice, ISTA 3.47 is more stable, lol
  15. Aim: The BMW INPA cable comes with software CD can only do diagnostic function, but if loaded with Rheingold software, it will do programming function as well. 1. Plug the INPA cable and install drivers. For FTDI based cables use latest drivers. download driver here: www.ftdi.com 2. Set COM port. Open “My Computer”>> “Manager” >> “Device Manager” >> “Ports” >> “USB Serial Port (COM3)” >> click on “Port Setting” tab and click “Advanced” Change the com port number to COM9 and latency time to “1”. Confirm configuration with OK button. 3. Open C://EDIABAS/BIN/EDIABAS.INI with Notepad and check for “Interface=STD:OBD” Set “Port=6801” in TCP settings. 4. Open C://EDIABAS/BIN/EDIABAS.INI with Notepad and check for “Port=Com9” 5. Connect the INPA K+D CAN cable with PC and the other end with car via OBD socket 6. Now run BMW ICOM Rheingold software shortcut in start menu, wait until it boots, then press “Settings” button on the top 7. Select “VCI Config” tab and tick “Ediabas standard settings (ediabas.ini)”, then press “OK” 8. Go “Operations” program, then “Read Out Vehicle Data” and “Complete Identification” 9. Configuration is done. Start using the Rheingold software.
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