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  1. Bigger throttle body for 330i

    I've seen it and been wondering about this too. It is highly recommended to enlarge the throttle body aka big bore throttle body (bbtb) on E30s and E36 328i's also respond well to 325i's larger inlet manifold so I'm sure these should help the M54 breath better too.
  2. Royal Wheels Re-Trim

    That looks decent.
  3. Newbie with a 330ci

    Looking nice and clean.
  4. Think I just got a bargain!

    Great colour to dye it.
  5. Ed-B's 330ci

    Subtle changes make it look tidy
  6. My Velvet Blue Clubsport project.

    Looking nice. I've never seen a velvet blue CS myself either.
  7. E36 M3 in a house clearance

    Great find
  8. Not feeling those tri-colour decals
  9. Roof down & ARM OUT...lol I could me in that
  10. E46 M3 Vert only so I can say "been there done that"
  11. 2015 BMW M4 Convertible - Official 240 Photos and video

    A lot more of these will be visible soon in time for summer.
  12. BMW M4 with M Performance parts in Abu Dhabi

    Would love one of those. Think I need to start playing lottery again
  13. The New M4 Coupe is Here!

    Seen a white M4 around Wycombe. They look hot.
  14. What colour should I wrap my e46?

    I would go with Alpine White too with black clubsport front splitters and black rear lip spoiler.
  15. What Your Current Mileage?

    2002 330Ci M Sport - 138k 2003 330Ci Clubsport - 99,860