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  1. It needs a fair amount of work for the MOT in a couple of weeks and it has a large dent behind the drivers door + some rust on the arches so i dont think its worth repairing (and there is not an auto specialist anywhere near us in west wales) It has some nice parts & a virtually new turbo so hopefully worth something to a breaker
  2. I have total failure, no dive forwards or backwards but it will hold in park. Its logged these faults: 96: CAN message, engine speed signal faulty 37: Gear control: 5th gear Faulty Prior to the failure there was a weird clunking coming from under the car when idling. Then it was holding onto 4th gear (i could manually change into 5th no problem). Then it totally failed and will rev with no drive. Could it be a speed sensor fault? Or any other suggestions. If its the autobox i think i will scrap it. Thanks. Jon.
  3. Thanks, turbo-diesel.co.uk look favorite, Garrett factory rebuilt unit for 453 ex vat.
  4. The Turbo on my 2004 330cd has suffered a "catastrophic failure" (mechanics words). Has anyone had experience with re-manufactured ones (OEM is £1759.99 from Euro Car Parts) and of so is there a recommended company? Thanks.
  5. Could be the rubber center drive on the pulley on the end of the crank. Mine failed and it was making a noise like a slipping belt at low revs, Spotted it before it totally failed as apparently it can then damage the radiator and its being replaced
  6. I am sure its been asked a million times but from a search i cant find the answer. I need to replace the rear springs, i want to fit standard OEM Its a 330cd (2004) is the correct spring 627112550 (Heavy Duty) or 627112460 (Sport) - Euro car parts part numbers.. Thanks Jon.
  7. The Autobox on mine appears only to fully lock up in 5th at 80
  8. Local BMW dealer advises they cannot disable airbags. Anyone have any more information? Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  9. My 330cd has rear airbags. I want to be able to take my grand daughter and need to disable the rear bags. From reading i believe in America BMW will disable them for free and charge to re-enable them. Has anyone had any experience of this in this country? Thanks Jon.
  10. I am also in Bath and if yours is facelift with folding mirrors and memory seats then i have a spare new switch you could try to see if that's the fault?
  11. when idling either in or out of drive i can detect slight roughness. Its not enough to cause the revs to change and if i lightly press the accelerator to get to approx 1000rpm i can still detect slight "missing" I am being a bit anal having had a 523 petrol that was undetectable on idle? Other than the above its fast and returning over 50mpg on a motorway run, company time traveling so no point (mostly) in going to fast. Average is somewhere above 40. Codes only show as some glow plugs faulty, i will get those sorted at next service. Thanks Jon.
  12. Generally my 2004 330cd cuts the power in a subtle way i had one occasion where it completely cut the power and the light was flashing away, thought a software glitch. When i returned to the same stretch of road an hour later i discovered why. The police had closed the road because of a diesel spill and several cars had gone through hedges!
  13. The run flat indicator (Tyre pressure monitoring) is reset by holding the button when stationary (approx 10 seconds i think)
  14. Just came across this https://www.retrofitlab.com/en/bmw-3-e46-zkw-oem-md2s-1.html Also they have Bosh units and an interesting video here that (eventually) shows the damaged reflector here
  15. My facelift coupe has the adaptive lights are there very good. Are the adaptive ones very different from standard xenons?
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