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  1. Afternoon i am after a near side face lift saloon washer jet. The fan type thanks Daz
  2. I have just ran through two tanks of shell v power for the same reasons. I generally put a tank in per month. i have just had 4 new tyre so was wondering if the wheel balancing had been thrown off. but then some times under braking it had developed a slight wobble, what I thought was a slightly warped disc. The pads and discs had not been changed mind. it is pointing towards caliper issues
  3. Some times i get like a slight warped disc feeling under braking too
  4. Actually I am getting steering wheel vibration similar to unbalanced wheels. that how it feels? whats the fix? New callipers?
  5. It was mapped before I bought it over 18 months ago it's only started happening in the last few months. it could be a caliper I guess cheers
  6. Hey all i am after some advice, I have a 2004 330d saloon, it's been mapped, EGR has been removed and mapped out. It also has a K&N panel filter At the moment the car seems to hesitate a little up to 2k revs. Nothing major just does not seem as sharpe. I have also noticed a full tank of fuel has reduced from 550 - 600 to some where in the region of 490. i did run the inpa a while back and I it was showing glow plus, glow plus control. I didn't change them as the car was / is starting fine. what could this be? Could it be a blocked filter etc thanks
  7. Truly inspirational stuff.
  8. This has been an interesting build. What state of play is the car these days??
  9. Thanks for the advice guys it's giving me food for thought has James and Chris done a build thread?
  10. Good evening all i am looking for some input on something I have been pondering. coming from a back ground of fast jap stuff a few years ago I had to sell my R33 skyline and buy a diesel. After a very brief affair with a 120d I got myself a very nice 330D. It's had a bit of work, remap and a few other bits. Generally I love it, in fact mostly I love it. Only thing I miss is that power band of the petrols and the sound of course. in the (hopefully near future) I will be looking at getting myself a track car and a run about for work etc. the thing I am considering is turning the 330d into my toy car. At the moment I am putting money into it and improving it. So my thoughts are why not continue with it. i want a fast B road car. Something I can do the odd track day in, but the sticking point......: drift days. I have a few mates who are BDC drifters and I would love to join them on some practice days. i know a 330d will drift, especially with the right diff. But I also know the power band is small so will drift slower, not something that bothers me at the moment anyway. i did consider getting myself a 330i, but when you consider decent power gains I do not seem to think it would compare to a 330d. I am guessing a 330i would need super charger / turbo. i am sure I have read someone on here has a 330d hitting 400bhp and 700lbs. I would be interested to know what you use this for and how you find it. Any thoughts / experiences would be great. my car is 2004 330d saloon, 96k on the clock and very well looked after
  11. I am no wheel expert buddy I would not know if they would rub. The chap in the shop thought they may do. they were good looking wheels so I am hoping to get a set in the future. I am good to nip back at some point and weigh them. I am interested to see what they actually weigh
  12. I have just been to see these wheels. The concave ones look brilliant, however they are extremely wide. As for weight. He did not know the wheel weight, they didn't feel hugely heavy, but they will be heavier than some. They are made to take heavy vehicles. He said they are rates higher for weight (concave) they were all stamped up TUV etc and looked decent quality. Albeit not the best. I was not as much of a van of the "Grid" they were a flat grey colour and not staggered he did have a few different ones in and it sounded like he will be getting more over time. It was only a smal place and not been open long at all. i am going to consider the concave ones, I currently have mv1 with 265 tyres and 20mm spacers which don't rub but I am not convinced the j9 concave will not rub. for me they seemed like a decent wheel for second hand money! I will be looking at them, even though I had my heart set on rotas
  13. Lovin_it i work pretty close to the place that sells them. I am going to nip and see them get a little more info
  14. It looks like Aluwerks is part of aez, dotz wheels all from a Germany company
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