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  1. I had some body work done under warranty a few months ago, the whole process took three weeks from when I first went in for the initial inspection.
  2. Not been on here in a while. I took my car to a bodyshop earlier in December to have a couple of bits done, the guy ended up doing quite a bit more for me than I expected, free of charge too! Including a mop down which really made the car look good, my dad and I both thought it looked like it just came out the showroom when we collected it.
  3. Putting an M50/52 in an E30 is just wrong, it doesn't belong there!
  4. The ACS modelling really makes a huge difference, I likey.
  5. I've discovered that I really like the F01/2 7 Series, more specifically the Alpina B7. One of the only modern cars that I've really taken a shine too at first sight.
  6. I was having a conversation about this with my friends recently after one of them keeps saying that his Hyundai Coupè 2L SE is a sports car... All of us but him agree that the Hyundai is not a sports car but we can't come to a proper conclusion of what a sports car actually is. I'd say for example that an M3 is a sports car and the rest of the 3 Series models are sporty cars but not sports cars. I'd also say that all BMW's are drivers cars but that sort of depends on the person driving it. What do you think and what would you say denotes a sports car?
  7. Strange, possibly due to all the sparks coming from the rear end when it was in low-mode? I can't imagine the Police enforcing that though.
  8. Quite enjoyed that, I think I'd go with the Porsche though. Did Harris say the P1 wasn't road legal?
  9. I can't stand mindless fools like that. I'd be shocked if I found someone selling a Laptop with a 1TB SSD fitted for £80 or even just a 1TB SSD on its own...
  10. I agree with Ash, really nice E46, shame its going. Do you have any plans for the Alfa?
  11. I don't know what's worse, that video or you non-tea drinkers.
  12. It's ok, you don't have to like it
  13. I think I might have been doing it wrong all these years... Feva that's brilliant! Tea anyone?
  14. You could always nip back to your hotel, might be able to get a couple of pints for $500!
  15. New rear trailing arm bushes and shocks the other day followed by 4 wheel alignment. The cars feeling really nice and tight again.
  16. I'd like to know how he was driving at such a speed with damage like that to his bumper and rear quarter prior to the crash we witnessed.
  17. Ah yes, lights, one of my favourite topics in this thread! The majority of people around here seem to think fogs are everyday/all condition lights. I've also even seen a rather large amount of people who somehow manage to ONLY have fogs on. LED DRL's seem to be another common 'replacement' for lights too.
  18. I made the switch to Castrol just under three months ago during an Inspection II, the car was on about 94k then. The day after that service I left for a 3k mile trip around Europe and the low oil warning light didn't come on until about two weeks after I had returned home, so was on about 98 - 9k at that point. I can't say I've noticed anything difference in performance, but I have certainly noticed a difference in oil usage. Before I had to top the oil up every three or so weeks and I was doing a lot less miles then too. I didn't advise checking the oil with the engine running! Oops, sorry, that would be my hopeless reading skills
  19. As above, either low oil or faulty sensor, although checking whilst the car is running is something I've not heard before? When I first got my E46 I was using Mobil 1 5w-30 to top it up with and the engine went through that like anything. When it was last serviced I made a full change to Castrol Edge 5w-30 and it lasts a hell of a lot longer!
  20. Mal you famous You've made in onto car crash weekly Sent from my Note 4 using tapatalk Royalties!
  21. Try changing a CPU on one of those... or ANY piece of hardware on it. You should be able to sort out the hardware test & fan settings in the EFI, at least you could on the earlier models, but have fun with that I used to work on Apple kit, everyone else at the company was jealous because "it's Apple..." only if they knew how awful the design was from a techs perspective.
  22. What? £9 a pint! How do you even find a place charging that?
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