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  1. Checked all fuses this evening (that I know of 2 in glove box and one on back if head unit) and they are all fine. I'm baffled?
  2. Hi all I have recently upgraded to the newest andrive head unit, been fine for a couple of weeks then today nothing on the unit is working, I've taken the unit out and put the eonon unit back in that was in there when I bought it,but still nothing. I've checked all fuses and all are ok? Any ideas as to what the reason could be? Or any fuses I could have missed?
  3. dazza

    Andrive Chat

    Look forward to getting mine
  4. New wheel ordered. Thanks taters
  5. Nope no knock when moving off just a single clonk/knock when breaking. Is the car safe to drive if it is what you suggest?
  6. Another little question guys, when applying the brakes I get a single clock/knock noise come from the rear of the car, I don't feel anything but it always happens as soon as the brake is applied. I notice it more at low speeds when in traffic but it is probably does it all the time but road noise probably drowns it out. Any ideas as to what it could be? Warped disks perhaps?
  7. Nice one lads! Will get that ordered! Thanks!
  8. Just looked taters, is that a front wheel? Sorry I'm useless at this lol
  9. Nice one taters, will look now!
  10. Very true that Daz! Will give them a call and find out tomorrow, I've tried ebay but nothing on there other than full sets. Only other options are change wheels completely or find a spares repairs one with a front wheel going spare
  11. It seems quite bad in my opinion but I'm not too sure to be fair. BMW probably charge the earth for a single wheel don't they?
  12. Hi guys, I have a buckled wheel on the offside front. Can they be repaired or is it a matter of getting a new wheel?
  13. Sorry Liam, it doesn't have the Harmon speakers. I will most likely up grade them though. I has enon sat navigation installed but I've already spoken to phil (andrive)about replacing this
  14. Nah got it from Ashford? Here's mor pics from this morning.
  15. Picked it up this eve and love it, only managed a couple of pictures from the garage and one when I got home but wad dark. Also a picture of advisory's from last not, are are they costly?
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