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  1. What would you do?

    No worries pal! I Bought mine off ebay last year about £30 they have a thick top edge
  2. What would you do?

    Eyup damo mate, are these of any interest to you? Could do with a slight refurb, £25 as they are or £35 freshly sprayed pal. They were on my vert before i bought chrome ones.
  3. Jamie's 330ci Cabriolet

    Why the nasty comments? Its not your fuxking car so stop trying to get a rise
  4. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Yeah im gonna be doing that too mate, what setup have you got at the minute pal? its standard up to the resonator then S/S pipes to a S/S Powerflow back box (which is tiny compared to the old back box) in fact the rear back box is about the same size as the resonator So its quite loud as it is, its got a really nice sound to it now, up to about 3,500rpm it almost sounds quite VR6 ish if that makes sense ? makes a fantastic noise anyway just hope i dont make it sound worse by taking out the resonator too ! these engines tend to sound a bit raspy without the resonator ! Yeah it'll sound great with the resonator out, mine sounded good before but with the cats out it sounds completely different and has such a nice rasp mate
  5. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Yeah im gonna be doing that too mate, what setup have you got at the minute pal?
  6. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Cheers mate i love how it sounds! We paid £75 and that covered cat delete and resonator delete but we need to go back for resonator delete. Most other places will quote around £70-£100 for cat delete mate. £120-£150 for both! Such a must have mod though as it doesn't affect MOT.
  7. My Imola red 330ci

    Looks so nice mate and really mean from the front end!!
  8. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    It does help with the sound mate and definitely makes it louder. If i had a stock rear silencer and did the de cat i would probably want it louder and racier. Although it does sound lovely.
  9. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Definitely would recommend it mate! You got any videos of the resonator delete?
  10. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Haven't posted on here much recently but i thought i'd update you all on the new exhaust. Me Jamie(Jay) and Dazrave went to get our secondary cats removed and heres the results of mine with my scorpion rear silencer already fitted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z02OxePwIw4
  11. Vxr sold, want another e46

    I'm sure there'll be loads of lovely examples out there mate. When i bought mine it was mint and i put it on coilovers and its still mint. Do what you want with your own car.
  12. Jamie's 330ci Cabriolet

    They look great Jamie, unlike the mats haha
  13. Jamie's 330ci Cabriolet

    I lost my last one on the motorway. Due to me hitting the kerb. Moral of the story Sive, don't hit the kerb on a motorway mate hahahaha
  14. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    I'm sure what ever you get they'll look great mate!
  15. Lloyds Imola Red 330ci Vert

    Hi mate, yeah i did fit them and did a slight roll, there is some rubbing on hard cornering and most bumps but that will be solved by a 235 width definitely. But it looks damn good!