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  1. This is my daily whip, and weekend fun!
  2. Where are you buying the oil from? I had this issue before when I put cheap oil in from a service station (had no choice at the time) as did about 500 miles to a litre, since then I have done an oil change with castrol 5w30 and have done 1500 Miles and the oil has barely moved... It's not all about the grade of oil you use, it's also about the make of oil
  3. 2 hour trip at this time of the evening ... Fook that haha
  4. Sticky stuff remover mate, you can buy it from B&Q, works a dream
  5. Yeah mate I check a couple of times, iv been checking most mornings before I go off to work and seems to be in the same place, think it was the inconsistencies of my checking before....
  6. I checked the reading this morning from cold and showed just under full, my drive way is completely flat, funny because I checked from cold last week and it was just above min, same drive way same time, not sure which one to trust
  7. When I have checked it in the morning after it's been Sat all night the oil reading was lower last week till what it is now after engine is still warm and been Sat 2 hours, surely the readings should be the other way round
  8. I will add when I first checked my oil I had done around 400 miles, second time 600 and just now about 800 miles, so it should be due a top up
  9. I'm getting confused with the reading I'm getting when I check my oil level, been keeping an eye on my oil level over the past couple of weeks as I know I'm gonna have to replace my ccv soon, so I checked my oil last week and it was half way between max and min, checked it again last week just above min, just checked it again and now it's reading just under max! Lol wtf which one do I believe? I will add each time I have checked my car has been Sat on the same surface and has been Sat still between 2-8 hours each time checked. I am confused
  10. Is it fairly straightforward replacing the CCV, don't suppose there are any tell tale signs that it needs replacing other than oil consumption
  11. Yeah I'm thinking about just putting up with it, just wondered what other people's consumption is like
  12. After a bit of advice chaps, my 330ci uses about 1 litre of oil in about 650-700 miles, anyone reckon its worth changing the ccv or not? What mileage are you guys getting per litre of oil? Not sure if it's worth the effort of changing
  13. Bit of an update, Only a couple of bits since I last updated, they are as followed, Standard intake now fitted, I prefer the OEM look tbh,. lowered on coilovers and 15mm spacers. Front bumper respray. Carried out a full service. Next up , Replace CCV as using around 1litre per 600-700, I know it's almost within normal consumption but I'm going to Replace anyway. Sat nav unit, then I may start thinking about new wheels.... Couple of updated photos, most of them we're from my holiday in Wales with my missus, over 450 miles in total and used just over a tank of fuel which I thought was amazing considering a very spiritual drive around the breacon beacons!
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