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  1. Just curious if it exists on petrol cars?, I became familiar with it when I had my e320 cdi benz and when I searched about it on here I see allot of chatter with relation to diesel motors ... ? not sure but I think my car just started to do some weird limp mode turn out .. revs up slower then normal but still faster then how the car is performing compared to normal its difficult to describe .. its revs (slightly slower) and torqs (feels like a boat now) usually at 4K rpm can you say scary? but now its nearly sedate and feels like your towing a small anchor suddenly .. so shes going to end up off road unless its something stupid hoping you guys might have some ideas.. ps the oil light keeps flicking on and off for short periods and has been coming on occasionally for the last few weeks but I have hardly driven it in that time and last time virtually i topped it up with 2 ltrs and it looked to be at the top mark .. that was about a month or so back.. and it was happy till now .. and with this whole stupid skip truck fiasco am starting to feel uneasy whats do you thinks the best way to proceed excuse the bad typing and wot not guy .. just super nackered and needed to get this latest injury examined heheh
  2. pissed m8... stab him with a sharp twig repeatedly .. but couldnt you try and find it a engine and knock him down to a £1000 get the engine dropped in probably too much hassle in one hand but you would get a gr8 car for next to nothing really
  3. also the crunching sound i hear is basically the wheel arch bending the spring / shock so yeah worse case Left hand wishbones and arms and a new shock/spring and rear disks as I've pointed out you can rebuild the whole car front and back for < £1000 if your _trying_ to make it as cheap as possible by my calculations there's still mega financial head room before it becomes economical not viable to to repair .. we are after all only talking about the left back so even less.. for those ones that struggle.. in essence there is no way on gods green earth that is economically not repairable considering the value my car is insured too.
  4. I did report it too both police and insurance comapny...that is why I had to wait 5 days for them to tell me this, I have a cad number etc so relax I dont want them to right it off as its not FKING written off ... if it was It would not mater cause the guy is 100% of those bods that just thinks msport badge? ah you buy them from halfords or something and would give me no where near what i think the cars worth I doubt the fker would even give me the proper book price... any way by now tons of people are all saying the same thing and that is .. its not written off the vehicle assessor is 100% smoking crack with a probability of being 10% senile! I can now at this point think about going to the skip company, and am actually waiting to hear back from the insurance & police .. obviously When one of them do I will ask them about approaching the skip company directly as they cant seem to do there jobs at a reasonable speed
  5. I only have the skip company details .. the assessor just left a while a go and thinks its a economical write off ...didnt really like the way he went on .. I just semi repaired my wheel arch quickly so it wont rub and now that hes gone I could do so and continued with what I was doing before this happened which was putting some top quality second hand tyres on the rear and took the chance to see what it looked like under there and um well its 14 yrs old lool... dont worry i'll be tearing all that crud out / off soon enough as I am not going to let them 'cat C' my ride over some b******t like that ... at the worse case .. the absolute top bracket cost is going to be about £400 including labour to fix that arch and panel and paint / fill it they way I see it.... £40 to re-flare/mould the arch, £0 to carefully push out or suction cup the panel out my self, £100 to have it painted and fill edit it £300 to repair the rear end to our exacting standards .. even if its not quiet oem quality as they claim still its better then rusting steel lool ah well I on one again!!!
  6. well hopefully the damage to the suspension will make it up enough to justify claiming it on my insurance .. if i dont get any joy finding the 3rd party... still waiting for the engineer > and after driving it round for a while I noticed that the lip of the brake disc is getting eaten away where the wheel/suspension cant not straight and true any more ... these the vehicle assessors are actually getting on my tits been waiting since last week with no practical car and then when I called them earlier to double check the person actually tried to get a little bit stressy "We Dont usually Give Times" the assessor just needs to drive by to see the damage I'll get him to give your call!, you dont even have to be there!!...... my thoughts were simply: you f**king wot m8? and I left her to her devices next thing the engineer rings up and tells me he wont be over till past 3 ... thoughts on that one.... in your own fking time! so i asked him about his drive by vehicle assessment and he obviously has a different vision of his job then the lady in the office
  7. My pals just cracked me up ... one asked what brand is that and my other pal shouted out from the kitchen! a c**ts brand!!
  8. tnx nice comprehensive guide there
  9. I tool have suffered at the hands of this! I have a bounty out on the person or person(s) who's are responsible for serially rounding off every bolt, nut, and tool known to man kind! this person must be apprehended and prevented from further harming the general public at large by exercising his brand of car mechanics
  10. still it annoys me when mechanics and car dealers and bods in the past have tried to tell me my car is a "look a likey" until you make them take a closer look only because on the older ones its going to make a significant difference on its asking price and impacts the way you end up working on the vehicle and I just hate it when people talk s**t because there a fking troller hater hacker kid for Shropshire or some shiz mini out burst completed..; pah donu where that came from
  11. just watched a vid on youtube looks like a complicated job if your repairing/servicing the vanos unit... if i end up keeping my car.. I think that it will make a good weekend project do along with gaskets and general service... my summer car style with a big crate of beer in the engine bay haha
  12. 2 -REAR AXLE CONTROL ARMS Referred by BMW as "Wishbones" ( Axle Support to Trailing Arm) 2 - REAR UPPER CONTROL / TRAILING ARM BUSHINGS Referred by BMW as "Rear Ball Joints" ( Presses into Upper Rear Part of Rear Trailing Arm) 2 - REAR TRAILING ARM BUSHINGS ( In front part of Rear Trailling Arm) 2 - TRAILING ARM BUSHINGS TO CONTROL ARM ( To Lower Control Arm ) GUARANTEED OEM QUALITY AND FITMENT £300 and there is also a front end kit for the same price.. so remember that you can do your rear and front discs and pads for £80 also I know where I can get hold of a complete lowering suspension front and back for £90 second hand and just in needing of new spring cup bushings £800 to mechanically rebuild the whole back and front end and do your pads I only costed this up so as to be fore armed with my insurance company, the cheapest scenario
  13. I discovered that part of the road does in fact sit on a incline so it was sloping but only as a result of the road doh!.. so never mind and never the less i drove it round the block to see how it goes, and tbh its not too bad actually tho its defo not right .. funny crunchy groaning type noises and other noises which I cant describe and feels like something blunted its responsiveness feels like the clutch is slipping ever so slightly and seems to be reluctant to shift gears quickly as it normally would under light acceleration defo not its usual raw unadulterated self under heavy right boot
  14. rang 101 and got me a CAD number as the police lady explained you must always get one if they have not stopped so you can prove that you reported it to your ins company
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