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  1. I know this is an old post. But I'm going to give it a try. I was looking at the idea of fitting a M3 dual twin to my 330ci but I'm told its almost impossible without completely changing the rear bumper assembly. Anybody gone down the M3 exhaust route on your 330ci ?.
  2. Well it a bit of good news on the roof front. Took out the 3 fuses that control the roof. Cleaned then and the fuse carrier. Started the engine, pressed the button and it worked both up and down. Fingers crossed it was just that and not the start of a bigger problem with the roof. Thanks again to Fisha for his reply.
  3. Thanks mate. That's very helpful. Will give it a go later.
  4. Hi All. A while back I had a problem with my auto box on my ZF tranny on the 2005 330ci Msport vert.. It would slip slightly and then catch if I went from reverse to drive then it would go into limp mode, Very worrying. I took it to John at Hornsey Automatics who said common fault so here's what he did. Changed the fluid and filter and put in Lube Guard, he said it was probably the solenoid in the box that was sticking. He said drive it for about 500 miles to give the Lube Guard time to work. YES' ITS NOW PERFECT..THANKS TO LUBD GUARD AND NEW FLUID AND FILTER . Cheap fix. Hope this is of help to others,
  5. Hi All. Closed the roof over the weekend, on my 2005 330ci vert, went to open it today and NOTHING wont budge. Tried the most obvious, the roof carrier in the boot may have moved, but no its in its correct place. Fuses are also OK. Any other suggestions before I start getting out the handle to open it and looking at switches etc : Thanks all. Will.
  6. Hi All. I'm looking for a good ZF 5 Speed Automatic Box for my e46 330ci M Sport 2005. Had the fluid and filter changed on mine very recently to see it that would cure the problem but if hasn't, so only one solution ..change the box. So let me know what you got. Thanks. Will.
  7. Good Morning Mango Man. Thanks for the info. Is there any reason why they shouldn't put in the Lube Guard..?
  8. Took it into Hornsey Automatics and they said its not the box with the plastic sump and built in filter its the 5 speed ZF. They changed the fluid and filter and added Lube Guard. Picked it up and £190 - 00 later it seems to drive OK, but he did say it will take about 100 miles for the lube guard to work, so it may occasionally go into limp mode until then. He said the ECU had detected a slip and put it into limp mode twice, normally if you turn it off and re-start it will delete it off the ECU and it will drive normally. So fingers crossed..!!
  9. Not sure Bill, if Hornsey Automatics will let me off that lightly, here hoping..!! I'll keep you posted. need to have it in by 9.30 am this morning.
  10. The build sheet for mine shows a A5S325Z box fitted which is a ZF Box.
  11. I can live with that, if I have a reliable box.
  12. Taking the Beemer into Hornsey Automatics tomorrow. any idea what I should expect to pay for a fluid and filter change on my 330ci vert e46 ?. Thanks.
  13. Thanks mate . I hope its something simple and not expensive. The missus cannot understand why I have a vert and still want A/C..!!
  14. Thanks mate. I'll give them a shout.
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