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  1. Key Charging

    Cheers for the help guys.
  2. Key Charging

    Hello. Question. My key battery I think is knackerd. It has lost all its power. Does the key have to be in the one click or 2 click position to charge or does it just need to be in the ignition to charge. Tia
  3. Headlights RHD to LHD?

    Its a guy that I know thats brought a 330d out to the Costa. Mines is a RHD coupe and passes the ITV/mot no probs . Must of been changed before I got her Ok Thanks guys
  4. Headlights RHD to LHD?

    Non Xenons TF
  5. Headlights RHD to LHD?

    Howday all. Can this be done? Is there a switch on the headlights? 2000 330d saloon Tia
  6. What was your first car?

    Ahem... I know 1970 somthing hehehe
  7. 2 years today

    Well thats 2 years of ownership of my 323ci Only 1 warning light in that time Rear pads 1 battery ,Rear pads ,Steering pump,Waterpump Thermostat and expansion bottle 1 oil change, 2 tyres and a dodgy drivers door lock. Not bad for a 16 year old motor.135,500 Still turns heads and people still say ¨Your doing alright for yourself eh BMW¨ HAHA 16 year old 1000 Euro motor. Love it!
  8. Clubsport to M3

    Yeah Iv never been a Green fan but Iv just bought a Windsor green Kawasaki. Its nice. Good luck with the M3 she looks a good un.
  9. Clubsport to M3

    Nice car mate Enjoy it . Always good to buy a car that needs wee bits done IMO. Iv got 1st dibs on a green M3 that a older guy drives around my area. One owner Spoke with him and he doesnt really know what hes got. Not the cleanest car but never ragged. Next year maybe.
  10. Autobox problem

    2000 323ci AUTO What do you think? Car has just started doing this. 5 in the car. 3 small case in the boot shes up and down the gears? Never seems to be happy in a gear for long. Going up hill it drops gears 2 usually? Not a very steep hill but she ends up in the wrong gear? - screaming! Googling it it seems to be low transmission fluid. Just looking for some second opinions please. TIA
  11. E46 330d sport touring

    Nice motor. Looks amazing.
  12. 330XD

    Ah... LHD only . Didnt even know they existed to be honest. Sat nice tho. Cheers bud
  13. 330XD

    Speaking to a guy last night at Malaga airport with a Black E46 pre facelift 330 xd Saloon. Never new about these .Nice 4x4 Anybody had one?
  14. Replacing the water pump.What else should I do?

    Thanks Big job or fairly straight forward?