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  1. Hi All, just bought a second hand D5150v for my e46, but the power harness has been altered (no idea why...?) does anyone know where I can buy one? can only find the extension kits on eBay cheers
  2. Hi All, have a problem with a friends 318i 2002 with n42 engine, approx 110,000 miles. Have done the following work: Rocker cover gasket (pattern) sump gasket and bolts (genuine) camshaft position sensor seals (genuine) crank case ventilation (genuine) sump bung (genuine) oil level sensor (genuine) vanos solenoid seals (genuine) oil filter housing gasket (genuine) 2x spark plug tubes (genuine) its using 1l oil every 600-700 miles and there is a tiny drip from the vacuum pump (doing this at the weekend) but can't see any other leaks. No smoke when running and no oily deposits in exhaust. Compression across all 4 cylinders is good (within 5-10 of each other). Aside from vacuum pump, any thoughts on where this oil is coming from? Can a non gen rocker cover leak? cheers
  3. Hi all, Just wondering what the differences between the oem exhaust systems on the 320,325 and330i are m54 engines? 330i always seems louder, do they have thinner walls or similar? Cheers
  4. Hi all, One of my first posts I'm here but my 320ci could do with some more punch, and I like the idea of an S54. I'm no stranger to the the engine having built a e36 s54 race car http://www.bmwforums.info/bmw-projects/1715-e36-race-car-s54-powered-12.html (sorry different forum!) but with regards to an oem instal, in my e46 I have a few questions. I have no desire to make an m3 sleeper, I just want the engine not the box, drivetrain etc as I plan to use mine. From what I know it's engine, ecu, engine loom, rad, oil cooler etc but my query is on the harness side, will the m3 engine harness and ecu plug into the vehicle loom with no issues? And is it just a case of recode my key to match the s54 dme? Cheers Lloyd
  5. Thanks for the welcome everybody, i have now got myself an E46! 320ci 03 reg m sport coupe with all the toys. I am very happy with the purchase, e46's are great cars!
  6. Hi everyone Im a new member to your forum but not a new meber to the world of bmw's, i currently drive a e36 coupe mtec, but im lookign to replace with an e46 coupe so i thought i should join a orum and ask some questions. Thanks for letting me join Lloyd
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