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  1. what makes it so amazing and whats it called??
  2. Polishing is the key, particularly with silver, spend time polishing and prepping an whatever you seal it with will look great. Ideally get a full correction machine polish, if you aren't able to do that do a full decontamination using fallout remover (bilthamber korrosol is good), then clay bar, follow this up with a good polish by hand, one of the best polishes imo is autoglym paint restorer, follow this up with a filler heavy product like autobrite brilliance and then top with wax to seal all your hard work. Wax choice obviously is down to budget and what you want to achieve durability or looks, up to say £20 something like Soft99 fusso delivers great results and durability. if you up the budget up to say £50 the two that stand out are Definitive Wax Cora or Britemax Vantage both easy to use look great and a solid 3+ months durability!
  3. Pretty much yes, fresh paint needs to outgas all i'd use is a nice shampoo and qd in the meantime :)
  4. depending on the paint process it can take a couple of months or so to cure completely!
  5. Whatever you do don't use a jetwash you need a degreasing cleaner like bilthamber surfex hd, a steam cleaner and plenty of cloths
  6. Did share products here before, got flamed left right and centre, so don't tend to suggest much nowadays as i may be accused of selling etc again!
  7. At least a link to the new stuff would help, but even then i would struggle to warrant trying as getting past the sins of old would be a bitter pill to swallow, and i'm happy with my 2 current goto shampoos
  8. Unless they have changed the formula the autoglym shampoo is bloody horrible stuff, no suds, full of silicone and streaks to hell, can think of a load of shampoos i'd take in preference to it
  9. After a week with Bodyguard on i washed the car, although i must say Bodyguard repels dust and dirt very well,it was time to finish the enhancement so out came the 50cal Filler Glaze appiled by hand then i topped this with one of Definitive Waxes latest releases Pro Edition, heres what we ended up with So on to this morning and as per usual not had to wait long for the s**t weather but at least it yields these beading pics Hope you like and thanks for looking
  10. I'm not a sealant fan, prefer the depth and wetness of wax but i wanted a hard wearing layer under the wax, thats where bodyguard came in. Once cured for a week i will be coating the car in Definitive Waxes Pro Edition for durability and topping that with Ostendo Glaze for stunning looks, obviously pictures will be posted
  11. As per title really spend the day giving the car a long overdue enhancement, i'd say its approx 80% correction, not perfect but looking pretty sharp given the paint was only polished with megs 205 on a Microfibre Finishing pad, then Wolf's Chemicals Shine and Glaze, topped with Bodyguard First pic after polishing Then a few afters of panels in the sun once finished Thanks for looking
  12. do it, its every bit as good as everyone said it would be
  13. As above really, the car had a load of paintwork recently and the body shop said leave 6 to 8 weeks before attempting a full detail, problem was i couldn't stand the mess they have left the paintwork in and i've just bought a load of new products so was itching to try them! So after some cherry glaze to fill/hide the car was waxed last week with Definitive's latest wax release Pro Edition, It differs from the usual waxes in the range as it is applied to the whole car before removal(all the others in the range are panel at a time), i was a little sceptical about this but cracked on anyway. The result was great the wax left a great finish and the best bit was the ease of removal. Swissvax previously had always been the goto for ease on/off application but this new product is equally as easy to use, heres the one photo of the finished article i got last week! Please take into account the paint on the car is far from perfect and has had no proper machine polishing as of yet! Didn't as per usual have to wait long for the rain to come to check out the beading This week after a wash the second new product to try was the QD Pro, this was an easy product to use but did require a little care and it is definatley a less is more product when applying but i believe the results speak for themselves when i got these 2 nice refelction shots last night. Thanks for looking and also worth mentioning was the other products i'd picked up this week in the form of AD Elegance and Liquid gloss, the first being a great luxury pure Qd that adds gloss but little or no protection and doesn't interfere with your wax layer with regards to water behaviour, secondly is the new Liquid Gloss, i really like this its essentially Project 32's sister in the sense p32 is a spray on gloss enhancing sealant whereas Liquid Gloss is a spray wax, its easy on off although it did require 2 cloths on the other halfs black vauxhall, one to apply and a second to buff/remove any streaks/residue, although it was minimal. As per usual cracking products also from Autobrite Direct doing a decent job at a decent price!
  14. Claying once a month is totally pointless and unneeded. Get your wash and maintenance regime right and you should only need to clay every 6 to 12 months! Something like Autobrite Project 32 or Liquid gloss will add a little protection and boost gloss, don't get me wrong they aren't a miracle product and only as good as what they are applied too.
  15. AF Avalanche or Definitive Wax pre wash in the foam lance, Recently tried KKD's Blizzard which is very good and quite cheap which is a bonus
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