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  1. Ahh yeah, think I did them for the calendar comp one year
  2. If you scroll down this thread I've posted some of mine in there http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/15698-bbs-chs-18s-19s/
  3. I used to have CH's on my e46 coupe and they looked a lot better than they do on my E90 lci, I'd upload some pics but I'm down at my parents caravan on my iPad and they are on my laptop. They are a stunning wheel and certainly get noticed
  4. Not sure if I can make it this year guys we don't get back from holiday until Saturday and then we've a wedding Saturday night. Will try my best tho, always good to have a catch up
  5. I'm definitely coming down now, might try sneek on the stand if I'm allowed, if not will catch up with you there ?
  6. Glad to see this DIY has been helping people out! Yeah you can have the 'beep' activated you need someone with a laptop and the software to do it though
  7. I don't rate albany assist at all. They dealt with my claim when someone reversed into my E46. After much arguing about needing a family size car (they tried to give me a matiz!) they gave me a mazda 6 which smelt of dogs/cigs and had more body damage than the car I sent in for repair! I wasnt a happy chappy, hope you have more luck with them mate
  8. stringy93


    super slow being an understatement! Just thought am I allowed on the stand? I'm E46 less now
  9. I wish it had gone to a fellow zoner mate, well to be honest I wish I'd kept it! E90's aren't a patch on the E46's
  10. I wouldn't worry about mileage aslong as its been looked after especially on german cars. My E46 had 135k and never missed a beat in 5 years, same goes for my Vw crafter, thats done 140k in 2.5 years. Its all about maintenance and how you treat them
  11. stringy93


    Yes mate, looking forward to having a catch up!
  12. The rear window regulator stays in place mate, all you need to do is remove the top cover where the seat belt goes over. Where the arm goes through the top cover theres a plate to pop off with a small screw driver. You'll see what i mean in this video at about 50 secs in
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