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  1. New to Coolant!

    Could that be the remnants of something like Radweld, looks more "solid" than I would expect for normal emulsion? Still means there is a leak that needs fixing though. I would would drain, flush, drain again, fill and see if that shows a leak anywhere. Expansion tank, bottom of the radiator and loose pipes are places to check. As mentioned already, any emulsion on the oil filler cap or dipstick?
  2. Please help identify this....

    It should be bolted to the body though of course to provide ground for all those wires.
  3. Fault Codes P0161 and P0158 - M54 330i

    I was just thinking though that I'm surprised a single failed post cat O2 sensor would trigger "limp" mode? You may have other contributory factors as well. I still say its faulty or its wiring is!
  4. Fault Codes P0161 and P0158 - M54 330i

    Those codes both suggest a faulty post cat O2 sensor on bank 2 (rear bank) rather than a symptomatic fault
  5. bmw e46 318ise airbag light wont go off

    The bypass adaptor is surely only for the passenger seat occupation sensor? The error code suggest that the pre-tensioner or its wiring is at fault. The wiring often cracks where it goes into the device, Check they are simply not unplugged first though.
  6. Key Charging

    The charging ring/aerial for the immobiliser ic is only active when the ignition is on. It may be active when the doors are unlocked but I've never checked that. When the car goes to "power down idle", after the doors are locked (15 min I think), then it definitely becomes inactive.
  7. 3 possible scenarios, 1, you left your car unlocked.... 2 Someone has a remote that is coded to your car, resolve by re-programming all the remotes you have back into your car which will shuffle any other keys off, 3 accidental push of the remote in pocket or from the house. I would suggest 1 & 3 are far more likely than 2!
  8. Here's my take, BMWs "lifetime" is a phrase they use to say that during the cars "expected" lifetime they see no reason to change the oil. What is the "expected" lifetime you ask? They wont admit to this in public but its said to be the 100k mark, vitually all their cars would be out of warranty at that mileage, and then they don't care and see us a money spinners for replacement parts! I would certainly recommend changing gearbox oil (and filter if it has one) no later than that (100k) be it manual or automatic. If done "correctly" there is no way it can introduce a fault into a good box. When ever I have changed oil/filter in an auto box I have noticed an improvement in most cases and never a worsening. Not so obvious in the manual boxes I have done, I must admit, except my E36 where it was much quieter afterwards and that was changed at 106k miles and what came out was like water! Beemer auto boxes of recent years do seem reliable and I've seen some reach stellar mileages with no oil change but I'd bet they would benefit from one. I think any"failure" due to an oil change is purely coincidental or symptomatic of an already faulty box.
  9. Parking Distance Control not working...

    Its is possible that the speaker for the system is faulty or disconnected. It can be found under the dash on the R/H side. Unless you have access to a proper OBD code reader then your only option is part swapping for a diagnosis.
  10. Have I got OEM Xenons?

    The part number on realoem says they are Bi-xenons!
  11. E46 2005 front brake hoses

    Just be careful where the flexy line meets the hard line, corrosion can cause the joint to stick together quite well. Get some penetrating fluid on there for a couple of hours before attempting to undo the joint!
  12. 330ci Battery stopped charging

    That's cheaper than a new alternator! The intermittent voltage you talked about in the first post will be added to my diagnostics for possible charging faults. To be fair, check connections is something you should do for every electrical fault, that and bad earths of course.
  13. Auto box problem

    You needs the codes reading to fully understand whats happening. Fluid & filter change for the box is around the £100 mark. Meyle do a kit including filter & gaskets.
  14. Remote locking not working

    The immobiliser section in the key is separate to the radio remote function so ignore that. The radio signal is picked up by the cars radio antennae, the signal from which then goes through a duplexer box that converts the signal into digital command that the car interprets. The simplest way to see if its the car or the key that's at fault is see if you can code your key into another car or see if someone else's key programs into your car. Have you access to another E46 with a helpful owner? If your does program into that car or another key wont program into yours then your issue lies with your car and not the key, don't forget to program the owners keys back into their own car of course! If your radio works in your car then the antennae wiring is ok and the fault is likely to lie with the duplexer box. If you have access to a spectrum analyser you can see if the key is producing a 315 MHz radio signal.
  15. BoxClever's 330D sport touring - back from the dead! 13/3/17

    It's nice to have that second key in the house somewhere, just in case you lose your one and only one! If the new key doesn't program in you may have an antennae or duplexor box issue. I'm not saying you did get it wrong but you do have to be quite precise in the sequence & timing of the key programming so if it doesn't work first time, try again. Remember that programming one key in will take any others out unless they are programmed in at the same time. Best of luck.