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  1. Help before I give up with this car

    It's so easily done . I did something similarly as stupid when I did my CCV , I forgot to reconnect the vacuum line under the manifold I had taken off which caused engine to misfire on 5 cylinders. after many hours of searching I decided to take the whole manifold off in the end and found the problem . glad you managed to sort it
  2. Airbag Problem

    I've never changed one myself but I would say disconnect battery when ever doing anything involving airbag to be on the safe Side .
  3. consider posting?

    1. berts


      Sorry just seen this didn't get any notification,  would rather not post a lot of hassle wrapping them up to send them and will cost a lot to post 

  4. 18" mv2's staggered

    For sale a set off genuine staggered mv2. 2 x 8j 2x 8.5j I bought these a while ago and gave them a quick refurb but did a rush job so didn't sand them and the filler down that well and paint has started to fade in bits and under coat is visible the alloys will need a full returb I think , the tyres on them are not usable looking for around £80 for the set . collection Dolgellau north Wales Ll40 2yd Now on eBay
  5. Berts' 330i SE

    I haven't updated this in a while , car is still going. Passed mot end of June with no problem. Not done too much to car recently except changed alloys to style 44 I didn't realise when bought the alloys on eBay they had wrong tyres fitted I've replaced the hedgehog with genuine part as the cheap eBay one was playing up . Now I've started to refurb the alloys
  6. Brake warning lights

    yeah wheel off , unscrew retaining screw with allen key ( size 4 or 5 ) then pull sensor out of the hub i used mole grips and plenty of wd40, then wipe the end of sensor. i just used some glass cleaner that i had in the car already and a dry cloth
  7. Brake warning lights

    yes cleaning them worked for me, i did the sensor on all 4 wheels and so far no warning lights have come back. wasn't too hard a job to do in the end
  8. Brake warning lights

    I've got the same problem , what I've read people say it indicates a rear abs speed sensor is not working properly but is possible the sensor might just need a clean I am going to have a go tomorrow to see what wrong with mine , my mot is due beginning of next month so need to fix quickly
  9. 8j (225) in rear of 330i

    Okay thanks will stick to MV1/2 , just though because 225 tyres are so much cheaper it might of been worth it Did I see correctly that mots are going be cracking down on stretched tyres or was that about wheel camber ?
  10. Does anyone know if it’s possible to run 8j (225 tyres ) on the rear of a 330i rather than the bigger 8.5j ( 255 tyres ) ? Does it affect handling and performance that much? I got told a while ago my car would of come with style 44 wheels on originaly, all I can find is 17 inch 8j in those wheels
  11. 330i judders when idle

    Could it be a loose vacuum pipe causing a vacuum leak or the maf playing up ?
  12. Wanted - e46 WYG

    I don’t know if you found one yet but this one I just seen looks good I have no connection with it just saw on instagram
  13. 320cd m sport.

    I got my Meyle arms off Amazon . The cheapest place I could find at the time. BMW E46 CONTROL ARMS WISHBONE BUSH MEYLE HD
  14. Yeah putting it like that it makes sense to go guiniene with risk of fire and the fact the cheap ones just don't last. my car is 17 years old but I think my car is on its 3rd soon to be fourth because when I replaced last Time it looked like someone had already been there as there was missing screws but I'm guessing they put a cheap in as well
  15. I have had this problem , I replaced mine last January and its already gone . So I would like a recommendation for a quality one for a sensible price