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  1. Hi lads, My mate is on the look for some code reading software that can be installed on a pc like INPA but working with a Freelander2. Does anyone know if such software exists? Any names would be great and a link would be brilliant. Thanks!
  2. There you go mate: http://www.sycamoreservice.co.uk/BMW-e46_wheels_tyres.html
  3. The DSC button is two-stage. If you press it shortly, it switches off a part of it. If you keep it pressed for 5 seconds it switches off completely. Do it with caution as the car is a different animal when you do it.
  4. This can also mean the reg plate lights are out mate.
  5. Imho they look better than the CS ones.
  6. Looks brilliant! Real stunner mate.
  7. Where did they take them out from?
  8. Mate there are a lot of parts on ebay. Try ebay.co.uk and you will find a lot of parts you need.
  9. Car looks nice and clean. Nice one mate.
  10. This should be sorted between your insurance company and the lad you bumped into. You shouldn't be charged anything. Your NCD though will be reset unless you got the protection.
  11. Hi mate, The cold start noise - can you describe it? I had an original chain tensioner and it was on it's way out and the chain was rattling for a second or two after firing the engine up. The gunk in the oil is a sign that the oil mixes up with the water/coolant - several issues possible in here. How fast are you loosing water/coolant? What quantities? If you fire up the car in the morning, any smoke from the exhaust? It might be the head gasket or something completely different, so a bit more info would come in handy.
  12. If I remember correctly you are looking at around £300 for the fix.
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