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  1. Diagnostics is your first port of call. Judging by those symptoms though I'd be looking at the presupply pump - but instead of buying parts willy-nilly, plug it in and get a proper code read.
  2. What do you think I mean? A sticky button is a button that's sticky - gets stuck down, or doesn't engage properly. Isn't as smooth as a normal button, just a bit sticky.
  3. Not sure about that claim. My car was running with 8 or 9 faults on the ECU and the cruise control always worked. The only time it exhibited issues like you're describing was when I had a sticky button on the MF wheel.
  4. dontpannic


    Never heard of that, but no special coding required - just purchase another unit and swap it in - it'll work with your bluetooth/cd changer etc straight over the K-BUS.
  5. Sounds like someone might have changed the output device to the gong rather than the piezo? Check the coding for the PDC and AKMB to make sure the settings all look OK.
  6. @Valletta18 Yep - it's just a case of finding a 12V ignition switched feed somewhere near the reverse light. Im actually thinking about doing this shortly on my Touring as my new headunit gives me the capability of looking at the reverse camera at any time, but it doesn't work when I'm not in reverse. As for the camera being constantly on, I'm not sure. I have a dashcam that's on all the time and that seems fine, so I think it should be OK to stay on.
  7. Best thing you can purchase is a BMCables kit on eBay - comes with the cable and software (INPA) in order to read diagnostics. You'll need a Windows laptop but the software/cable is only about £35.
  8. Fuel pump relay is above and behind the fuse box. Remove the glovebox, drop the fuse box, then it’s on top of the white plastic module cage.
  9. That sounds like there's an additional third party module installed, I'm fairly certain that you have to hold the button down to do any comfort opening/closing. Do you have an Intravee? Am I right in thinking that these kind of options are available through that?
  10. NCSExpert / NCSDummy GM5 module, you're looking for the below - note you don't have to do anything with the FUNKTIONEN_TOURING string. The rear window release is done on a key-by-key basis. Aktiv = Window, Nicht-aktiv = tailgate.
  11. Right, its per-key See attached. Enabled/aktiv releases the window, disabled releases the whole boot lid
  12. NCS Expert - GM5 module Use NCS Dummy to find the option for Touring Rear Tailgate Glass and change from aktiv to nicht aktiv - that should pop the bootlid rather than the glass. Sorry I can't rememeber the exact wording without digging my laptop out but use NCS Dummy - it makes finding these options a breeze
  13. Haha. Well, incidentally, I have a bit of an update... So it looks like that previous post of mine in this thread was the catalyst, and as I was driving around some time before Christmas the Android unit went up in smoke - literally. I ran with a standard radio with aux and bluetooth for calls for a while until I started to miss CarPlay. I was absolutely convinced that I wasn't going to spend £700-£1000 for the Alpine specific fit headunit, as IMO that pricing is ridiculous. I ended up with a Sony XAV-AX3005DB and my total costs for fitting are: Sony XAV-AX3005DB -> £295 Enfig RMK-E46-XAV -> $49.99 (£39) Connects2 CTSONYLEAD -> £2.99 (I was able to re-use the 17-Pin -> ISO wiring harness and SWC from a previous Alpine single DIN radio, I just needed the fitting kit and Sony compatible patch lead.) I spent a little extra to get complete functionality of the unit: Enfig MIC-BM1 -> $29.99 (£23.50) Eightwood EWAN146UK -> £28.99 So my total project cost is £389 for a fully operational double DIN headunit with reverse camera, carplay, android auto, DAB etc. I still wonder how Alpine can justify their cost.
  14. If you own an E46 the best investment you'll ever make is INPA. I've had my trifecta of lights on the way back from work yesterday, plugged my INPA cable in and got the exact error within seconds.
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