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  1. sorted, please delete
  2. Noticed today my passangers window wasn't closed all the way. When I open and closed it it got stuck. The window moves towards the front and back door of the car if I wobble it whilst holding the switch on close I can close the window. This isn't the regulator is it?
  3. Cheers Bought it off a guy on eBay. He only had that one. I believe it was done by Royalwheels.
  4. One of the easiest but most effective upgrades Iv'e done. (not the cheapest though )
  5. rasa called it. Small stone in the drum part of the disc. Got it out and gave the brakes a clean. I wonder how long it's been in there. All sorted now though
  6. So, got back from a trip and picked my car up from the airport. Drove out of the car park and thought I could hear a scraping noise from the rear off side. Opened the window and nothing. Drove off again and was fine. Got to a roundabout and went round and the sound came back. Pulled over and had a look, nothing visibly wrong so carried on. Continued a no scraping noise but everytime i drove near the central reservation or parked cars on the right, I could hear a rattling noise. Drove for 50 miles to get home with the window open listening , paranoid and most likely hearing things :-D . Got within a mile of home and i couldn't hear a sound so thought, maybe i had picked up something from the road that had dislodged on the way home. Got to the last street and suddenly a very loud screeching noise came from the offside rear. Parked up and had a look but couldn't see anything wrong. It was 2.30am so left it to investigate this morning. Anyone wanna guess what I found?
  7. After changing a few times I settled with this one in the dome and 2 x 6 led bulbs in the reading lights. The multi led dome light is very bright, pure white and has a nice even spread due to the diffuser. Very happy
  8. looks like he probably started to get the symptoms and knowing what is likely to happen with Auto's of this age, he got rid. The chances are, with an auto of this age even if he'd sold it without issue, you would have had one sooner or later with the transmission. At least if you choose to get the gearbox and TC reconditioned, you'll know it will be good for pretty much the life of the car.
  9. Fitted new Led interior lights including this multi led dome bulb. Had a bit of a clean of the interior at the same time .
  10. Cheers. My range always starts off wildly over estimated and gets more accurate until I get to about 1/4 of a tank and then, as long as I don't change my driving style, it's pretty spot on.
  11. Tim, do you know if it's possible to recalibrate the range reading on the obc too?
  12. I did nothing to mine for a year after the refurb then did all 4 in the space of 2 weeks
  13. Decided to give her a little TLC before winter sets in. Wash, clay, polish, seal and wax. Happy with the results
  14. Decided to deburr my brake pads as I was fed up with the squeal. Took the opportunity to tidy up the calipers in black and silver hammerite. Happy with the results and no more squeal
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