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  1. Thanks guys. When I got home this morning I went about sorting this out. First thing I noticed was that the EML and traction lights were off. I then cleared the codes.....they were all to do with adaptive accelertator etc. Then I went throught the process of re adapting the accelerator and hey presto, car runs fine and accelerator seems really sharp. I will double check by doing what you have said above. But thanks again for your input...its appreciated!!!
  2. Thanks. Thats what I did initially and it worked a treat. 2hrs later all the lights on the dash and misfiring. After reading a bit, I wonder if I have accidently removed the adaptive throttle codes and in the morning, if I do the the turning ignition to position 2 and hold the gas etc, it will create a new accelertor adaption to work from? Just a thought. The annoying thing is that it happened prior to coming to work tonight. So I'm here stewing about it and not able to do anything. Grrrr!!!!
  3. 330 sport vert 2001 Advice needed please. I have been a total tool and messed around with bits of Inpa that I shouldn't have. Keep getting an engine light on, so use Inpa to knock it off. Its only one of the Lambda sensors playing up. So to day I connected my car to Inpa, knock off the error message and then had a look what else was on there......big mistake. I thought I would see what "Adaptive Accelerator" means. When I clicked on it, it made to car misfire and run rough. I thought I had corrected this by clearing any errors. When I got in the car later on to go to work, the car would barely run and I have got the engine light and the EML light on. Please, does anyone know how to correct this. Is there anyway to reset the ecu etc. Thanks Oliver
  4. Cheers. I got the red and white with yellow dots wire. Just where to connect to is the issue. I guess, for what I'm after, the glove box torch is the best bet. Has anyone gone down the coding route? Thanks
  5. Just to clarify, connecting to the footwell light will keep the lights on when the engine is running. I personally am not just after lights coming on when the car is unlocked. I want the angel lights on permanently when I'm driving. Cheers
  6. @ Dontpannic - I have located the red wire with yellow dots in the relay box. Do you know which wire is for the glove box torch? My inverter wires disappear, so unable to tap into those. Thanks again for any info. Oliver
  7. Thanks guys. Might be just easier to reach my arm out and turn the switch lol.
  8. Hi folks, I was wondering if it is possible to have angel eye lights only come on when the car is running. I currently turn my side lights on and off manually. What would be nice is for them to be switched on permenatly, but only light up when the car is running. I don't know if this is a coding issue or a good old fashioned wiring issue. BTW, this is purely for vanity....I think the angel eyes look great when they are on in the daytime. Any info apreciated. Oliver 2001 E46 330ci convertible
  9. I met Chris (NCS) a couple of weeks ago. Nice guy. Took me for a spin in his 330d that has been remapped by himself. Jeez, that thing was quick!! For the £150 or so, if I had a diesel, I would have no hesitation in having it done!!
  10. Sometimes you just gotta get by. Anyway problem averted until I get the door actuator sorted.
  11. Well, I'll remember that in future thats for sure. Good night matey.
  12. Glad to be of assistance. I just googled it tbh. There is a wealth of knowledge there.
  13. Great. Interior lights off. I can now drive incognito.
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