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  1. Hi, was driving along yesterday and noticed that the battery charge light had come on and then the power steering failed followed by a smell of burning rubber. The air con was on so turned it off and charge light went out and power steering returned. Parked up and inspected the engine and tried the air con again. The compressor appears to have seized. Not sure whether the compressor has given up the ghost or whether it is the clutch although I think if it was the clutch it would either be jammed on and therefore burning the belt out or jammed off and not working. It appears to be engaging but not turning the compressor over. Any idea what the damage (£) is going to be? It's already going into the dealers for an inspection I on Friday so it could be an expensive day. Anyway it is possibly my fault as the air con had been a little noisy and I hadn't investigated it so highly recommend investigating yours if it appears to be noisy.
  2. If it has a full BMW service history it runs on Castrol's long life oil Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 0W-30 My 53 plate 330d doesn't use much oil between changes approximately 1 litre between the last two services which I managed to stretch out to 24,000 following the service computer I mainly do motorway miles at low engine speeds! Going to be approximately 19,000 / 20,000 this time and still have a little left in the 1 litre bottle. So a litre for 20,000 miles is not bad! I have some friends with a 57 plate 2.5i X3 who've used 2 litres in the last 10,000 miles!!!
  3. I read elsewhere of people removing them and then finding the car not as responsive at low revs (particularly 320d). Might it be best to replace all the swirl flaps for new ones? Anyone have any idea how much they are?
  4. Right, definitely something I'm going to be looking in to. Does anyone know whether the MY2004 330d 204bhp engines are as susceptible? Any merit in replacing the swirl flaps for the newer one piece version? Do any gaskets need replacing as well?
  5. Thanks guys. The labour works out at about £180 so £400 all in for the parts and labour. Dread to think what BMW would have charged. Ideally would be putting Bilstein or BMW shocks on but they were about £150 each!! Will let you know how I get on!
  6. Hi Took my car into local independent BMW garage this afternoon due to knocking and juddering coming from front suspension. I had suspected a wishbone ball joint but it transpires that the near side shock is knackered and the offside anti-roll bar drop link is also worn out so need both shocks and both drop links. They said that the wishbones were fine which is good news. Anyway have been quoted £400 to do the job, they'd be fitting Sachs shocks not OEM. Are Sachs any good? (£75 each) Is this reasonable? I had new shocks put on my E30 last summer which was £180 all in! Many thanks. Tom
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