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  1. Ahh okay thanks! I prefer the old system I must admit (I browse mobile 99% of the time) but understand why it's had to be upgraded. I don't like change haha
  2. Any way to remove the "please wait 10 seconds before doing another search" restrictions? Horrible when refreshing the new content page as its classed as a search edit: oh and how do we "mark all as read" on mobile?
  3. Yeah they're fine pal, just popped them in nice and snug and not even thought about them since
  4. Yeah maybe they'll have them but just not relisted yet? Worth a try!
  5. Life cycle impulse or something.. Fancy name for newer i think haha.. Kinda like an updated design I guess and look better in my opinion
  6. I bought these for my facelift vert. They're the LCI ones with the defined top edge: http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/151351353462
  7. I have a very similar sound going by what you've said. Is yours a vert? Interested to hear if you figure out what it is, mines doing my head in!
  8. Thanks mate! I'm well chuffed they're 18's et35 all around, 8j front 9j rears
  9. They're the old ones the darker mv2s. They came with the car but I've never been totally sold on them. Much prefer these silver csl's
  10. Okay bit of an unexpected update. Didn't think I'd be getting these anytime soon but as always Jamie offers you deals you can't turn down New wheels are on So I'm photo whoring my filthy car. Don't care
  11. Have they just stuck a normal lip spoiler onto the clubby one? That's a bit weird if they have! Pics aren't really big enough to see properly are they
  12. Isn't this car up for sale on eBay? Sure I saw it before. It's very nice night I add
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