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  1. Crank case issue

    Howd ya get on? Did this fix it?
  2. Ok This is doing my head in...... Been Getting 3 Fault Codes 227/228 and 65 (Fuel trim bank 1 Trim Bank 2 and Inlet Camshaft sensor. Previously had Exhaust Sensor too. So replaced Parts below:- Exhaust Cam Sensor (HAAS Brand) - Message Cleared Inlet Cam sensor twice now (Delphi and HAAS) - Code still intermittent present Replaced Fuel Pump and Filter Replaced All spark plugs (NGK-R) I'm still getting a laggy acceleration , but oddly if i turn ignition off then restart again whilst driving/Coasting the Lag goes and car behaves normally until next start! Also im noting it takes longer cranks to start the car before it fires up! Anyone else had this and fixed it!! My next things to replace are:- Inlet Vanos Solenoid (As i rounded nut removing for Intake cam sensor) Maf Sensor Genuine VDO Item New CCV Valve to fit
  3. Thanks Berts, yeah maybe try those next as still getting the codes!
  4. Well changed my fuel pump today, so will see how we go! Just one of the reasons for these codes apparently!
  5. Crank case issue

    Blocked CCV Valve, Idle Control Valve (If fitted) , MAF sensor? Any Fault codes?
  6. Tyre recommendations 330 m-sport

    I have vreds on mine cant fault them, great tyres.
  7. BMW M57 technical training documents

    I rebuilt the Engine on my X3 330D M57TU2 and struggled to find any guides or info, managed to piece mail just enough together to get timing data!! That was about it! Rest was done with trial and error! Very frustrating and time consuming! Good luck, Be interesting to see what you find...
  8. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    One of the Donkey too....
  9. 330ci Eng Bay

    From the album Sale Items

  10. Grant's E46 Compact

    Glad ok, Looked suspiciously like one of those cash for crash vids! Car in front of you braked and then one hits you!!
  11. As title really driving me nuts now! Keep getting engine management light on with following codes showing up! I've changed both inlet and exhaust Cam sensors, Cleaned MAF!! Next steps? Car still drives ok, but noticed a lag when the Eng management light comes on initially which could be signs i assume of cam sensor or vanos? I replaced Intake Cam sensor for A Delphi one (Should i get OEM BMW?) Used same for Exhaust one and it cured that fault code? As for codes 227 and 228, i Read a forum link that soft failing Fuel Pump could be at fault, so this is my next step.... But anyone else had this? Cheers
  12. Faults