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  1. Need to read codes tbh but could be anything, Coils, camshaft sensor going bad, ICV, Maf , leak in intake hose? Few starters for you 😎
  2. Help before I give up with this car

    All i can think is a hose off somewhere? Air leak? Did you do then Throttle Adaptation reset after disassembly?
  3. New E46 Owner

    Oh shame mate..Hope u find a buyer soon
  4. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Suspect would sound fricking awesome! On my 328ci I fitted the larger inlet manifold off the 330, throttle body adapter plate, had the resonator delete and Cobra sport backbox. And that sounded mental! But prob a little too extreme for every day! Used to roar above 2k revs!! And as the for the pops and bangs on overrun! Well that was the best bit for me. 😂 I would like a bit more noise on my 330, but not sure if best next step!
  5. CSL Front Bumper

    Cheers Daz, it’s pretty much there, just gotta sort the rear end. All the subframe bushes, Drop links and roll bar bushes. Plus camber arms on rear for better adjustment. But exterior wise it’s about there. 👍
  6. CSL Front Bumper

    So got and fitted my SSDD CSL bumper, pretty straight fwd fit, Very pleased with it. Anyone else fitted one? Assume the CSL small grille on front left just sits in via friction? May have to elongate hole in bumper brackets (sides) for flush fit (But does say that in instructions with Bumper) And its close enough as is anyway, Apart from that. Love it
  7. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Well as you say gaz, had the resonator delete done, not much difference on Idle, but when it gets above 4k revs certainly has made it sound more purposeful. Not intrusive in any way just sounds awesome above 4k
  8. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Changed the Front Kidney Grilles today. Exterior pretty much don with now
  9. Car Finished1

    From the album 330Ci Mods

  10. Car Finished

    From the album 330Ci Mods

  11. Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    Wish i digested this properly when read... just made same mistake as you, left the longer Drain plug in which is for Auto transmissions! So had leak! Now put the short plug in and et voila Fixed! Lesson learnt. But as you say cant fault the Hella Rad and Exp Tank
  12. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Thanks Gaz 👍 Yeah pleased with spoiler too. I had the resonator delete and then Bought a Cobra Sport Rear box on my old 328ci The sound was noisy but very addictive! I’ve just put the Audi a4 B8 tailpipe trims on mine now, just makes it look a bit more purposeful. 😂. Did you notice noise increase with the resonator delete and std back box? As I’m thinking this 1st. Doesn’t seem as much exhaust choice for the 330ci without spending over £500!! 😳
  13. Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    Gotta do mine too! Are the Hella rad n Tank good? I’m going for the same from ECP. I made mistake of looking under rad and thought nut on bottom left was loose! Didn’t realise that’s drain! Went to tighten and now it leaks from there!! Oops! Blonde moment!! 🙄🤬
  14. csl bumper fitted

    From the album 330Ci Mods