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  1. So, i've just clipped 80k miles in my '52 330i and the auto box has been getting a little sluggish over the last few thousand miles. (I've had it 8 years from 40k and it's been excellent) Occasionally it will hold first a bit too long when first pulling away in the morning (i always let the car warm up until the revs have dropped) and downshifts are sometimes a bit last minute and quite noticeable with a thump when braking from 30 or so mph to a dead stop (traffic light etc) Now i'm sure i've read in the past that these get a bit clunky at this sort of mileage and i've just had the trans fluid/filter changed at 70k. To be fair, it's not so much of a big deal but I am just about to have the brake discs/pads and front wishbones/drop links/track rods changed (and a few other bits and bobs) but am wondering if I am looking at a trans rebuild/exchange in the not too distant future, in which case it might not be worth spending the circa £1k that I am about to and just go and buy that E92 I have my eye on. Has anyone had similar with their trans and what was the outcome? Thoughts? Cheers Steve
  2. Nice. Looks like a great job. Always nice to see someone recommended. I might be paying these guys a visit myself if I don't change my car this year.
  3. In the old days as a kid when I lived with or not far from my folks I was always able to do pretty much everything on my car. These days however I live in London with a communal car park and things aren't so easy. My car now at 80k miles although still pretty tight could benefit from new bushes and probably discs/pads as I'll be down there. I'd really like to do the whole lower wishbone and brakes myself as I enjoy that type of thing, I've never trusted dealers with my vehicles and often find myself disappointed with their work 'and' I'll save on the labour costs. So; back to my total lack of appropriate workspace... Has anyone used/have knowledge of 'Pitstart Garge' in Park Royal? On the surface it looks to be good value at £96 a day for a bay with a lift to include tools (although I have everything I need for the tasks planned) http://www.pitstartgarage.com/self_service.html
  4. Cheers guys. I shall see how much OE stuff is. I use OE for servicing but didn't consider it for these as OE trim is usually very expensive and it's a 14 year car old in good but less than perfect condition but I still don't want tat on it. By BMW Performance, do you mean BMW themselves? £85 is acceptable to get good quality but I'm after chrome really.
  5. I received some chrome grills from ebay (the only ones I could find) for £40 but they're not nice so going back. Chrome ones are really hard to find and I dread to think what OE stuff costs so I guess it shall have to be black Plenty of matt ones out there but the car is silver so I'm thinking gloss. SSDD have them for £60 and people like the quality of stuff from SSDD and at £60 they should be good but does anyone have any experience with these from KKMoon? E46 sport saloon facelift. Cheers, Steve http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00YGUCLRU?colid=3RSNSU178DHPR&coliid=I31QW9XK1U6GEE&ref_=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl
  6. Rob, thanks I'll check that 330dportsmouth I'll certainly look at that. I had thought about a fuse but just assumed that both headlamps would run on the one fuse. mike smith, I'll have another look as I wasn't looking specifically for corrosion when I inspected it but from memory it looked very clean Cheers fellas I'll let you know how I get on. Steve
  7. I've had a bit of a search here and the net but can't find my specific problem My R/H headlamp warning light has come on and the bulb does not light up so I replaced the bulb and the warning lamp stays on 'and' the new lamp doesn't light up. This would indicate a problem somewhere in the chain other than the bulb. Anyone come across this before? All answers gratefully received Cheers Steve
  8. that's what i was thinking. a big player like national can't risk using rubbish.
  9. i put rear dunlop sport 2000's on the rear as soon as i bought it sep 2008 at 40k miles to match the fronts. £165 each i seem to remember. just changed to falken 452's last weekend, the dunlops having lasted until 62k miles. mostly london stop start or motorway plus two 3k mile trips into france but i like to hoof it a bit when solo and out in the sticks. good in the dry, not overly impressed in the wet but not terrible, just have to pay attention. the 452's were through blackcircles and cost £305 the pair. i'll let you know what i think once they've done a bit.
  10. i'm booked in at national for this with my 330 this week and have been quoted £45 which is fasntastic as 5ltrs from either opie or halfords is £45 on it's own. my question is... is everyone who has used national happy to have a national oil filter go in as i have noticed that some people give them a genuine bmw item to fit.
  11. i'm interested in this system and would also be interested in the group buy but my specifics might be different to others. currently carputer are asking £86.99 for the main unit which i would need with the cd changer cable, £38 for the bluetooth dongle and £12 for the ipod cable, although 4.6mtrs is a lot of cable to lose in the boot. i notice on the carputer website that if you have the all singing all dancing usb version they offer the 1.2mtr cable for £12 and the 4.6mtr cable at £25.99!!! interesting. i would also like to definitely confirm that there is a mic available for phone use (i note that 'rush' says there is) as it is not mentioned on the carputer website. or perhaps i could just have the far end phone audio come through the car speakers and use the iphones mic if i shout a bit. at the moment 'retail' is looking like £147 so if we can get a group buy with a worthwhile discount that would be sweet.
  12. my washer bottle has leaked from the pump ever since i got the car and it never had the heat shield on it. the pump has now given up and i can get one off ebay for £6 but i cant find anything (even real oem) for the heat shield (although i'm sure i remember seeing it on there last year). i could go to bmw i suppose but does anyone already know the part number or where i could order on off the internet? ta muchly steve
  13. i was given the wrong spec. it is a dual fuel cooker but the specs were for the gas everything model. everything in the ad is now correct.
  14. ok, so i started using my car a bit more just before christmas as i had a job down in leatherhead for two weeks and drove the 50 mile round trip every day and guess what! the abs and dsc sensors just started working again and haven't given me any trouble since. looks like it just wanted to be used a bit. so all's good with beemer ownership again. however, it now spends most of it's time parked up again so who knows what will ping at me next. steve
  15. ok same deal as the sofa. this has to go before next monday. it's in excellent condition, just about two years old and originally cost her over £500. (they are anything up to £700 now) it's a BT2431SS model and if anyone was interested it would need to be collected from ladbroke grove in london. it's on ebay but if she was offered a little over £200 she'd take it. (the reserve is more than that btw) this really is a great cooker if you have the space. it's 900mm wide as opposed to the 600mm wide cookers that most of us have. spec: BT2431SS AND THE TECH SPECS ARE BELOW: 5 burner gas hob * 1 x 3.60kW Triple crown (wok) burner * 1 x 3.00kW Rapid burner * 2 x 1.75kW Semi-rapid burners * 1 x 1.00kW Auxiliary burner * Heavy duty cast iron pan stands * Pushbutton electronic ignition * Electric multifunction oven - 8 Functions * Oven capacity: 107 Litres * Energy efficiency: B * Storage compartment capacity: 35 Litres * Minute minder * Thermostatically controlled grill * Double glazed removable door * Adjustable feet
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