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  1. Ok so at 292000 miles my dual mass flywheel has started to fail (they dont make clutches like they used to eh?). She is a 2004 320d touring with 6 speed and 150bhp. As the car has done sooooo many miles I am not going to fit a NEW clutch I am taking a chance on a second hand unit. Does anyone know the torque settings for the flywheel bolts? Also any tips if you have done the job yourselves? I am not looking forward to doing it, but needs must and all that. Before anyone says dont use a second hand unit, I know the pitfalls of it, but the cheapest NEW set is over £400 and | cant afford that kind of money, not to mention that I am hoping to get another 12 months out of the car and then break her for bits. Many thanks in advance for any help/ advice you can give.
  2. my 320d touring had this problem, we tried allsorts of solutions, nothing worked, the car sat too low at the back, so eventually we changed the rear springs, this lifted the back end by a few inches. The handling is much better now, she doesnt wander anymore. But I do agree with others on here, about matching tyres, I have noticed that the car handles better with a full set of the same tyre.
  3. After while the rear end started to sit lower again, so I bought some heavy duty springs from germany, and she now sits MUCH higher at the rear, the vague handling/ wandering on the motorway has gone too, she is as sharp as she was when she first rolled out of the factory now.
  4. Not been on for a while, we changed the rear wheel speed sensor and all is well, light went off and stayed off
  5. Mileage is now reading almost 292k today, sadly dual mass flywheel has started to rattle, so the cars days are numbered
  6. my 2004 320d touring has just clocked 283k today
  7. Sorry I havent been on chaps, been working away. Many thanks for the information, this is a great help
  8. Well as they say......."If in doubt.....GIVE IT A CLOUT" LOL
  9. theres a lot of bolts on the side of the box, I dont want to remove the wrong ones and bugger the gearbox. I have had a look and theres nothing that looks like a drain plug. But then if the box is supposed to be sealed for life then they wouldnt have a drain plug anyway. hmmmmmmm
  10. Hi sorry, not been on for a while. I was getting sick of the lights on, and after swerving to avoid a taxi (going for a head on) I drove up a grass embankment, hit a bump...... lights have gone off and more importantly..... stayed off. All good and happy now !!!
  11. Any ideas where the drain plug and filler are?
  12. Thanks, we have looked all over the gearbox and cant find any markings which suggest oil filler or drain. I have been told that they are fitted with a "life time" oil which doesnt need to be changed. but what does lifetime mean? my car has done 275,000 miles which for most cars would be more than a lifetime. I am working on the assumption that the oil has been put in and there must be a way of getting it out? I will have another look on the drivers side next time I get underneath. Thanks again
  13. Can anyone tell me which is the drain plug and which is the oil filler for the gearbox on a 2004 e46 320d touring with a manual 6 speed box? The beast has done close to 275,000miles and I feel its time to change the oil. (gears are getting a little difficult to select from time to time) Many thanks in advance, Eddie
  14. I just went in on a saturday morning, the guy must have done it cheap for cash.
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