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  1. Cheers for the reply bud so the bolt patterns are the same direct fit apart from down pipes wich will need sorted and pre cat o2 sensors screw into the manifold and post o2 can be deleted using EU2 flash is that right ?
  2. Have see that the e36 328i and the e39 528i had no cats on there exhaust manifolds so was looking into see if anyone has done this mod to there e46 330i as it has cats 2 right at the flange restricting the flow it looks a cheap way of decating the engine as there isnt much out there for decat manifolds for RHD car unless you pay crazy money so am looking to see if there is much difference and if it is worthwhile mod cheers
  3. My clutch on my 2000 330I sport has gave up the ghost and am looking to get it replaced but have read that the single mass flywheel is the way to go for better feel and longer lasting than the duelmass one plus am looking to turbo my car soon only 7psi but need the clutch to last so am looking for advice on this if anyone has done this conversion cheers
  4. I have had it ecu reset but codes came back straight away still at a loss doing ma head in now
  5. It's going to be a drift car m8 I have a 330I sport manual road car to so was just looking to see what gearbox would fit the 3.0. Engine
  6. Got code p335 long cranking , no power ,dsc and orange brake lights on dash so replaced crankshaft sensor and got it plugged in from a friend and got fault code 5e1a , f4, 53 He reset and they came back on straight away he's stumped so am I where do I go from here , before the lights came on and the long cranking when driving the car it chugged and the dsc and brake came on loss of power and long cranking after that any help much appreciated
  7. Well a got a y reg 330i sport auto with gearbox goosed am look in to find out what manual gearbox fits I know that I have to get manual gearbox ,clutch flywheel , clutch pedal , and prop but does a 320I manual gearbox fit ? Or am I looking for a 3.0 box only ? Cheers
  8. I had this problem with my e39 520I at the time bought it like this so did a service on it my self and found when I took off the top of the oil filter housing that the small rubber oring was missing and replaced it a no more oil light on tickover or when up to temp fixed it and then had it 5years never missed a beat sold it with 189.000 miles on it hope this helps
  9. Did it fix your problem with tc light by changing your crankshaft sensor ?
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