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  1. Update! So, since my first post on the Zone, a lot has changed. First of all, I'm the proud new owner of an E46 Compact! ? But not a diesel, as I'd originally wanted. After a lot of debating with myself with what-if's with Turbo issues, and other things I'd read up about with diesels; I decided to go bite the bullet and buy a petrol! I bought a black 318ti M Sport Only had to travel just over 30 miles to Lyme Regis to view and collect her! Fell in love and soon as I saw her! ? It's a solid engine, under 100k mileage. FSH, with lots of dealer stamps! ? Couple of marks on the bodywork, but I'll sort them out. I've only had it a week and I'm still getting used to the luxuries that I didn't have in my old Honda! ? I'm getting half decent MPG at the mo, high 30's but I do a lot of motorway driving to work and back. I'll start a complete new thread on my progress with her; I'm sure there will be a lot of updates! Already bought so many bits and bobs for it, all of which will be put in the new thread Spent 4 hours cleaning her yesterday only get up this morning, to find it had been raining last night! ?? I'll take some photos and get them up on here this evening! Quick question to anyone who may know; I ordered E46Zone window stickers around a week and a half ago; but not received anything, nor heard anything about them. Anyone know how long they take to be sent to you? Cheers all
  2. Hi all! Just joined the Forum this morning, so thought i'd get involved and introduce myself! I'm Adam, 23, living down in (not so) sunny Devon I'm looking to get into the BMW scene, as the time has come where I need something more sensible as a daily; than my current Honda CRX! I'm on the lookout for a E46 320td Compact; Not to everyone's taste, the compact, but I love them! Each to their own and all that. I've read numerous things regarding these engines i.e; Swirl flaps, Turbo failures etc.etc. I've convinced myself that getting a diesel is the way forward, for me anyway. I drive 30/40 miles to work and back, each day. So good MPG results and relatively decent performance. Win/Win, surely? Also, I just want something that I can travel up country in, see family, go to car events and not be paranoid, the whole journey about my car letting me down! Saying that though, I've not really many expenditures on my CRX, other than the bits and bobs I've wanted to change/upgrade! I just want a little more comfort and something newer! So, I really just want to be able to start my journey here; and ask you guys what're things to look out for? and/or the common problems for the engine in question? I would also like to apologise in advance for the stupid/basic questions that may be asked! Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope to be able to update you with a new purchase soon!
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