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  1. *****Now sold ***** 2001 BMW 330 Ci Coupe M-Sport (pre-facelift e46 model) first registered on 03.12.2001 so effectively is a 2002 model,engine code; M54B30 2979cc, 0-60mph 6.3sec, top speed; 155mph, 231 BHP. 155,816 miles at the moment & 10,675 until the next service,MOT until 29th August 2016. It's HPI clear & comes with the Certificate & is currently on a personal plate which could stay with the car subject to negotiation. Completely standard apart from the LED rear lights,the originals are available if required. If you know these cars you'll know that there are plenty of rough dogs out there,mine is one of the better ones. It has the Steptronic automatic gearbox which gives you the flexibility of being lazy by just keeping it in Drive or you can also use it as a manual shift,no clonks or juddering just smooth effortless gear changes. M-Sports package,Multi-function leather steering wheel,air con,automatic dipping rear view mirror,electric memory leather front seats with armrest,cruise control,headlight washers,rear parking sensors (that work!),automatic windscreen wipers,BMW Business radio with cassette & 6CD changer in the boot,M aerodynamics Package,High gloss satin chrome trim & MV1 Alloy wheels. The previous owner was driving @24,000 miles a year so kept it very well maintained. In my ownership i've replaced the original Alcantara interior with Black leather (which has only ever been cleaned & nourished with Gliptone products),new drivers window regulator,drivers side electric window switch,new ignition/doors key,crank case & CCV kit with connectors & breather hoses,2x Aero windscreen wipers,both front-to-rear brake pipes,4x brand new Avon ZZ5 tyres 225/45 18 on the front only done about 2,000 miles & 255/35 18 rears done about 4,000 miles,gearbox oil change with a new filter,6x new spark plugs,air filter,pollen filter,5w-40 fully synthetic engine oil,oil filter,rocker gasket set,new anti-freeze/brake fluid/diff oil change/power steering oil change,receipts are available for everything. It has never ever let me down. With all 15 year old cars there's always something to do,if i was to keep it i would refurbish the alloys & clean the condensation from the front fog lights. The airbag light goes off but sometimes stays on for a couple of months & sometimes for a few days since i changed to the leather interior,the original Alcantara is also available if required. It could be the passenger seat occupancy sensor or the seat belt pre-tensioner that's playing up & it's had the airbag recall done by the local BMW Main Agent last year. It's difficult to put a value on these cars as prices seem to be all over the place,i think that £2,250 is a very fair price especially considering the condition & what's been spent,good ones are very hard to find. My next car will be something similar to a Ford Fiesta/Focus etc (not red!) so if you've got something similar to part exchange or if you have any queries please let me know.
  2. Setra M3 lookalike,very very nice http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=487624
  3. 1) Yes it's this time of year again,drivers with DRL that illuminate their dashboard but drive without knowing that they've not got any decent front or rear lights that other motorists can see. 2) Throughout the UK we've had really bad fog everywhere that i've been (up Norf ) but some drivers put their rear fog lights on at the slightest bit of mist AND keep them on even when it's clear! 3) When stationary in traffic ie traffic lights,etc i always use my handbrake when stopped,i even used to do it before i fitted the really bright LED rear lights. This morning my retina's were destroyed by being behind a HUGE Audi Whatseveritscalled that looked like Blackpool Illuminations & i'm sure generated enough light to be seen from Space,why?.
  4. This is one of the best e46 forums around that is populated by owners who have a great wealth of knowledge about the car,the main reason i subscribed is because the forum has a history of being informative,helpful & polite. Take on board the suggestions that have been made & buy on condition as many cars have had a hard life with later owners. I've got a 2001 e46 Coupe with the Auto Steptronic gearbox that works just like it left the factory despite being at around 152,000 miles,as preventative maintenance i have changed the gearbox oil & FILTER & it's a really great car. Wouldn't know to what to replace it with if i fancied a change because it's that good. You'll find what you're looking for eventually,just have to wade through the dross that's advertised at 'ambitious' money but they are great cars.
  5. Hi Craig, If the wires look like this; I'm believe it's the sensor for the heated washer jets,it slots into a hole in the engine under tray behind the fog light.
  6. How did you get on, did you try the throttle reset? I've got the BCables.com diagnostic software that has INPA, Navcoder, Dis/GT1, NCS Expert, SSS Progman, WinJFP & Toolset 32. It's a moody bit of sh**e that sometimes works & sometime doesn't, glad I only paid £20 for it but it does turn my airbag warning light off occasionally. It's a bit intimidating to me & I don't really know how to use it to it's full potential but I'm the other side of Carlton (FY5) if you want to try it out?
  7. I found George at www.themasterlocksmith.com (Palmers Green,London) who replaced all the internal buttons, replaced the rechargeable battery, checked & repaired the transponder circuit, cleaned & re-soldered the circuit board then cut a new key blade inside a brand new case. This was returned by post within 48 hours for £39.99 (no fix/no fee) & working fine now,i'm happy is an understatement.
  8. Cheers Jamie,yes i've seen previous threads where Dan has been very proactive.
  9. Can you PM some info and I'll chase this up for you Hi Dan,just sent you a PM.
  10. ''All you need to do is call us for a quote on the Adrian Flux phone number'' Well good luck with that part of it. My BMW is insured with Adrian Flux & earlier today i went on their website to request a 'Call Back' for another one of my cars & i'm still waiting....................................................................................................................... over 8 hours later!
  11. Good advive from BmEagle above. I'm not a paint specialist but if was me i'd use something like PVA before primer then the black paint. Try to post some pictures when it's finished,may make something like that myself
  12. You're welcome Chrissy,didn't check your initial link as i was keen to flip over to another site. When i was searching I spent ages trawling the net looking for answers but most of the results came up with Castrol being the preferred choice.
  13. Don't know if diesels are different from petrol engined models but i bought 2 litres of Castrol (formally SAF-X0) 75w-90 Synthetic Final Drive Lubricant. Also read that some use Redline 75w-90.
  14. The best guy to ask is Jamie (aka Jay),what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing AND he also does arch rolling based in Lancashire http://www.e46zone.com/forum/user/28661-jay/
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