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  1. Drive shaft inner cv joint sheared, got a new one off Dan Haynesnew tonight Todd, it's going on with the clutch on Monday! also Todd check your Facebook inbox
  2. Double D'oh.... Anyone know where I can get another one this weekend... not paying BMW £400 for one....
  3. Ohh dear ohh dear, last night my clutch completely died, the new one was only finished on Tuesday, fitting it Monday, using another car in the meanwhile
  4. Lord no! The company I'm using is a bespoke clutch builder, Truckfix clutch up in Bradford
  5. The flywheel in the earlier pic was wrong, 5mm to big on the crown gear, wouldn't mesh right with the starter, new one being machined, just put the billet in this afternoon, hopefully have something more visually appealing by the end of the week.
  6. I really can't wait for this to be ready, flywheel rumbles and clutch bounces in first, clutch slips in 5th and 6th at anything under 3k rpm on WOT on a very tame map.... should only be a couple more weeks
  7. God no, I'll never in a million years make enough torque to make that clutch slip.....
  8. Real bad mate, still the same clutch though, STILL waiting on the new one 😏
  9. PM me your number if you want Todd, getting close to some really exciting stuff with my build its Eren by the way
  10. Quite right Todd, Glen has just fished up on a head for his but his is for the 320d not 330d, Chris has been confusing me a little lately, he was talking about making the car more comfortable as a daily but at the same time this twin turbo work is going on? Irrespective I'm excited to see what he pulls out of the bag
  11. Whats the easiest way to share pictures on here? I wrapped my trim with vinyl myself and im somewhat pleased with the outcome but im gonna need to pull it up and do it again some rough edges and stuff but not bad for a first attempt
  12. Allan, did you cut around the edges on the steering wheel or is it all tucked behind the trim then put back into place?
  13. Rebel, im going to be wrapping my wheel myself tomorrow, were the buttons removed for the wrapping of the upper section of the wheel? sorry for bringing up a dead thread but no info about removing buttons from the trim anywhere
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