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  1. yeah they had to cut a bit behind it, was very quick work though, BCSS get s**t done amazingly fast
  2. The second car I owned, a gorgeous 2003 topazblue metallic 316 with black wheels and tint that a mate has had for a couple of years now recently passed away at only 150k miles after the timing chain tensioner failed. Pretty shocking, can't believe it'd die that early. Is that common on the N42?
  3. Anyway - the airbag light is probably the passenger occupancy sensor. Bypass modules are available on ebay for a fiver or so.
  4. Is the forum broken? It's showing simonlpearce as the poster of the comment above this one, but he's a moderator with over 23,000 posts.. surely he knows about code readers?
  5. With the cheaper counterfeit stuff if you complain to the seller a lot of the time they will refund you without even wanting the item back. I throw them away anyway but at least you get the satisfaction of the seller losing a tiny bit of profit. It's obviously good money for them though.
  6. I've not read the thread but I can totally empathise with being rude to ebay. They do jack all to police the many thousands of counterfeit products that are sold on their marketplace every day. One example that irks me is fake iphone cables being sold as genuine - there are hundreds of sellers doing this and the general public are probably largely oblivious to it. I've reported sellers countless times and nothing happens. Fake headphones are another big moneymaker for both sellers and ebay, and obviously they do as little as possible to stop it because overall they make millions in transaction fees on counterfeit products. As long as they're seen to take action when the police get involved they can wash their hands of what their users are doing even when they could easily stop it. Don't believe me? iphone cables retail at £15 from Apple, do you really think they'd allow them to be distributed elsewhere for £3 a pop without the box? Ebay could wipe out hundreds of listings for fake iphone cables in a heartbeat if they wanted to - every single seller with mass stocks of "new" and "genuine" iphone cables being sold at bargain basement prices - but they never will because they'd be wiping out their own profits. I feel sorry for the people who buy those cables believing the sellers that they're genuine, only to have them ruin their iphone. Pretty sure neither ebay nor apple are going to replace their dead phone when that happens. And don't even get me started on paypal - ebay and paypal are the same company, it's bad enough that they force sellers to accept paypal (who take a second juicy bite out of sellers money) but they've recently even started banning other payment providers completely. How this is not an antitrust issue baffles me - I guess the gangsters have friends in high places. So yeah in my humble, considered and reasoned opinion, ebay/paypal might as well be the mafia and deserve all the abuse they get.
  7. If BMW Scanner would work for you I've got one for sale in the for sale section for a tenner collected. Don't know if it would give you the granularity on the DSC sensors but maybe someone else can confirm.
  8. Sold my E46 so don't need this anymore. £10 collected and I'll also give you drivers and instructions for getting it to work on windows 7 64bit. Can't help with other versions of windows as I've not tried it. Obviously it's the demo version not the full version! Am in Morden (SM4).
  9. You need INPA, or a generic code reader. There are loads of ebay, look for "BMW Scanner", or take it to an indy that will do it for you.
  10. Nope, it'll be an error code. Read the codes.
  11. If you wanna do it properly, do this: Done by BCSS in Coulsdon
  12. Sad day. I will miss her.
  13. 1. Mine is the same, i think it's just the cold weather.. you can speed it up a bit by gently revving the engine to say 1500 rpm, but I wouldn't do it in the first couple of minutes after turning it on. 2. Probably the sensor, you could change it at the next service or just not bother and check the level once a week.
  14. In case it helps anyone, i finally got to the bottom of the bump-steer and clicking from the front end that I was getting. It was a loose tie rod. Found out when it came up as an advisory on the MOT prior to advertising it for sale, now fixed and drives much better, no tramlining and much more planted. Funny how 3 garages looked at it and none found anything wrong though!
  15. I received a bunch of fake paypal emails overnight, trying to get me to send a moneygram to someone in order to "release the funds".. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have just completed the payment and i expected PayPal to have notified you to this effect.kindly check your email folders (INBOX and SPAM FOLDER) i sent £3,330 in all.i added £330 but £300 will be sent to my agent in USA through money gram at any money gram outlet,the extra £30 is to cover the money gram fee. So you simply get back to paypal with the money gram details for verification once you have transfer the shipper commission fees to them and also do get back to me with your residence home address so that i can forward it to my agent and they can come for the pick up for me on time. Here is the agent's details where the money will be sent. Name : Darlene Melody Wilcutt City : O'fallon Sate : Missouri Zip Code :63366 Country : USA. Please get the necessary details sent to paypal (Money Gram Transfer Control Number) The 8digit number and senders name and address used to send the £300 so that they can release the whole fund into your account.Please get back to me once done. Cheers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you haven't sent me anything other than a bunch of fake emails. send the actual payment of £3000 exactly or there is no deal. if you send any other amount it will be sent back. Mark ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you mean? Have make the payment and paypal has already deducted the money from my acct and am very sure you should have receive the payment confirmation from paypal by now..As per the email paypal sent to me which is also similar to yours, i was told that your acct will be credited as soon as you send the requested information to them, which is the 8digit number (Money Gram Transfer Control Number) that will be given to you at money gram after getting the money sent to the shipping agent. So all you have to do is to try and get the money sent and email the necessary info to paypal for accreditation of your acct. Await your response, Cheers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Ray, I called Paypal to verify your claims and sent them copies of the emails you sent for verification, including the headers. They advised me that they are fake as I suspected, and that they have been assisting the authorities in tracking your activities for some time. They said that they have traced the emails to your gmail account - johnnyamonde01@gmail.com - and that this further evidence I have provided has now given them enough to charge you for attempted fraud. I suspect the police will be visiting you very soon. I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you well in prison, it might not be all that bad, maybe take some vaseline in with you? And perhaps when you get out, you could try doing some honest work instead of trying to scam people, or if that doesn't work, try a bit harder with your scamming. It's frankly insulting to be the recipient of such poor quality scamming attempts - I know 6yo's who could think up a more believable con than you. Cheers, Mark ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I didn't really call paypal, but the originating gmail account was clearly visible in the headers. Thought it'd be fun to try to strike fear into his heart.
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