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  1. Still haven't managed to get a photo lol car needs a clean and it's too dark after work. Got a cat-back straight through yesterday and foook me it's loud!
  2. First update in bloody ages... Finally gave it a service last week and does feel / sound a lot healthier plus judging by the state of the old filters it was a much overdue service lol. Also have got some winter alloys (off an E39 originally) for £20 that im sanding down for a quick spray then saving the BBS over winter. And got some pressed plates this week, will put up some photos later
  3. I got one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/111715356500?adgroupid=13585920426&hlpht=true&hlpv=2&rlsatarget=kwd-75951450906&adtype=pla&ff3=1&lpid=122&poi=&ul_noapp=true&limghlpsr=true&ff19=0&device=c&chn=ps&campaignid=207297426&crdt=0&ff12=67&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff14=122&viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=80 Works well as the e46 air vents are all so straight
  4. Hey guys first update in a while again, give her a good clean after work tonight but haven't done anything recently. I did however go on my first work course yesterday to the BMW training academy and spent the day basking in the glory and soaking up the knowledge, just a shame I had to drive a company MINI down there aha
  5. No worries man, nah there's a very slight stretch but hardly noticeable tbh, mine is standard height at the moment but do want to lower it
  6. yes mate They're 215/40/18 all round, front rims are 8.5j and rears 9.5j
  7. Haven't done much recently, took this photo today [emoji106]
  8. Tinted foglights and a good clean today [emoji4]
  9. Found one of these lying around at work today hehe
  10. Tesco by my work today petrol was 115.9 and diesel was 114.9
  11. Connected the low horn today as after fitting the Msport kit it the wire was hanging loose by the foglight
  12. Drove it and cleaned all me windows today. This car is the first I've been proper mad about cleaning, purely because I feel it looks so good when clean lol.
  13. Finally got round to cleaning my steering wheel yesterday! Looks and feels a lot better but I'm going to give it another clean soon
  14. Got foglight connectors all sorted today Going to order xenon bulbs for them tonight
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