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  1. Brembo brake conversion

    I would be interested to know how you get on.
  2. Any Of You Ride Motorbikes?

    Have a look at www.reactiveparts.com, they do pretty much everything for race and road bikes.
  3. Brake upgrade

    What radial calipers did you use Marcus?
  4. Brake upgrade

    Will I need 19" wheels if I use CSL discs? Could I not use 330 discs with Brembo calipers using a custom bracket? Who makes the brackets?
  5. Brake upgrade

    Right, my near side caliper is fecked so i has to be replaced, i am thinking i may as well upgrade the pair, so does anyone know if they is any direct replacement upgrade calipers that bolt on or what parts i will need to change to upgrade to say 330 or M3 brakes?
  6. Slip ring

    I wasn't sure as the touring has rear wash wipe.
  7. Slip ring

    Found it, put the part number in eBay and they all say the part number is for a coupe, I have a touring.
  8. Slip ring

    The slip ring that the indicator and wiper stalks mount to, behind the steering wheel.
  9. Slip ring

    Tried that but couldn't find it, searched under slip ring and all it shows is the connecting wire.
  10. Slip ring

    I need to change my slip ring, how do I find out what the part number is for it?
  11. Back in a 46

    The E30 will be done, I am thinking it's going to be a bit of a long term project at the minute, work is so busy I ain't had time to even look at it.
  12. Back in a 46

    The Blue one is the most recent.
  13. Ebay DVD/Bluetooth screens

    That's does everything I want and much more. I want Bluetooth, TV/DVD and Reverse camera. Will this work with a HK system?
  14. Ebay DVD/Bluetooth screens

    And that's why I love this forum.
  15. Ebay DVD/Bluetooth screens

    I will wait for that, lol, hopefully Chimp reads this and is good enough to add a link ☺