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  1. Hello I've bought an E46 320D Msport auto about 2 months ago and absolutely love it! Mind you I've had 2 E46's before this one, a 318i and a 320i, so I'm not particularly new to them. The day I purchased the car it was a beast, you put the foot down and the car would immediately pull you back in your seat and you could hear the turbo spool up. When I was driving back in traffic I noticed that if I revved the car in the mid to high rev range and let fully of the throttle you could hear the turbo flutter quite a bit, exactly like a full decat and straight exhaust but this was stock. I drove home with my new beast absolutely loving the sound and power from it. I could put the car in drive or 1rst and floor it and it would immediately spin the wheels without hesitation. After my initial hour test drive and having some great fun, I drove it home and parked up. I got back in the car 2 hours later, engine temp still in the middle and gave it a little rev and noticed instantly that the turbo was a lot quieter and I couldn't hear the flutter or surge. I drove it normal and then put the foot down and i immediately could see a difference, there was power, but not as much when I bought it only 2 hours prior and that lovely turbo flutter sound completely disappeared and now I can barely hear the turbo spool. When I initially test drove the car, I made sure I switched it on and off a few times to make sure everything would work as it should and it did. Today the car still drives good, does over 45MPG and still pulls decent despite being 15 years old. My question is has anyone had a similar experience like this? Is it normal for a car to sound like it has a big turbo with a decat one minute and then sound completely stock the next time you start it? The whole time I test drive the car and drove home it sounded and pulled like it was as lot more than a 2.0D If anyone has had a similar experience like this please enllighting me if there's a way to get that power and sound back Thanks, Steeo3
  2. Finally got it fixed. Got a independent mechanic to look at the EWS. The Ews is only unlocked if the key is enabled. He was somehow able to change the key number from 4 to 0 in the Ews with the new key I got so its now working. I now have 2 keys that will start the car. The door lock is broken inside so will be replacing that then I have 2 fully working keys. Thanks @simon for the help. I would suggest everyone who has similar problems to try an independent mechanic before going to the dealer as BMW wanted 120eur just for diagnostics. It cost me 50eur to change the key number with the mechanic. Regards, Stephen Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  3. So heres the story. I lost my one and only key for me 02 E46 320i, I went to the stealership and bought a new key for 200eur. Waiting 2 days, picked up the key and tried to open the car. The key wouldn't turn in the door lock. I asked the locksmith to take the door lock out and cut a key for that ( another 50eur ). I then unlocked the car a put the new key from the dealer in ignition to start, got all lights but no start ( alarm is still going off ). So I took my pa soft BMW scanner and checked over my EWS. There is now only 1 key ( the key that's lost ) enabled in the EWS and I can't enable anymore because the EWS is locked. I asked the locksmith to read the chip inside the new key and it's not the correct chassis number. He made another key with the correct chassis number and again no start because the EWS is locked with only 1 key enabled. I've done all the research I can, have tried to solder the back of the EWS module so I can erase and unblock the EWS in pa soft, but when soldered it just says module not found and won't let me do anything. Does anyone know what exactly I can do? The stealership wants another 120euro just for diagnostics excluding getting it towed, which I feel is a disgrace seems that the key they supplied me with is the cause of this. If I try to enable another key it says failed and I know its because the EWS is locked and the alarm is still going off. My question. Does anyone really know how to actually unlock / unblock the EWS so I can enable more keys or do I really have to go with the stealers. I can't face spending another penny in that place without loosing it as this is their fault. Any help appreciated, Thanks, Stephen Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah I plan to do this next week ( I'm off work atm and work in a garage ) so I'll be doing that when I get a chance. Its the 6 pot but its usually cylinders 1&4 that misfiring. Cylinders 2,3,5&6 have yet to misfire either warm or cold. Here is the fault codes from pa soft. If anyone has anything else to add please do. Thanks, Stephen. Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  5. The oil change is the last thing on my list at the moment. I will be servicing the car when I fix whatever this main problem is. The car is misfiring when cold and I need to figure the cause. There's definitely no air leaks from the intake boots so we can rule that out. I need to know someway of checking how and why the oil is around the spark plugs, and why exactly there's always the same 2 cylinders misfiring when cold. ( I have tried swapping the coil packs around and put new sparks in it but no change ) There is quite a bit of either dirt\grit or carbon buildup under where the sparks go ( top of cylinder ). I do plan to get this cleaned out but I'm wondering what the actual cause is and if there's a way to see without pulling the top of the engine off . Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Stephen Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  6. Just fixing a few typos, had to type quick as my battery was on 1% . The valve cover gasket does need replaced for sure, there is smoke coming from that area almost every time the car is on and the smell comes inside the car when I'm driving. The title of the thread should be CCV / Piston Rings / Valve Seals and not VCV ( Autocorrect sucks ) If anyone has had a similar problem to mine please let me know what fixed it for you as I can't keep leaving the car in this state, especially the cold start misfire. Thanks again, Stephen Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  7. Hello all. I finally managed to pull the sparks plugs out of my 320i ( 2002 M54B22 ) and it's not good. The thread on the spark plugs have a big amount of oil on them. If I swipe my finger across the threas I can see oil on my finger. When I looked where the top of the cylinder would be (under the sparks) it seemed pretty dirty in cylinders 1 and 4 ( The cylinders that always misfire when the car is cold ). There is blue smoke coming from exhaust indicating oil problem. What I need to know is this could be 3 things from what I can see. Is there a way I can fully diagnose this as I can't afford to replace everything. Anyone know how I can pinpoint which one it is? What I'm thinking is wrong is the following : Piston Rings / CCV / Valve Seals. The valve cover gasket does need replaced for sure as sometimes I see and smell an oil burn but that will be fixed when the main problem is fixed including an oil change. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Stephen Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  8. OK its not the coil packs. If you look at temp on engine. The misfire goes away at exactly this temperature and when car is restarted the CEL light goes away. Smh Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  9. Right. After a pain with having the wrong tools. I changed coil packs 1 and 4. The car felt better for a min and then threw a misfire in cylinder 4 code. Cylinder 1 was fixed. The coil packs for 1 and 4 was mixed up but engine still misfires when cold. Here's the new error. Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  10. Here's the error Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  11. Haha. I never even thought of that, the coilpacks were just changed before I bought the car. I'll reply here with update in about 30 mins Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah from memory last week it was misfire on cylinder 3 and 5. I'm gonna hook up the scanner in a couple of minutes to double check. I'm using the PA Soft version with BMW Scanner 1.4.0. Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the help chimp. Will order today so I'll post a link of what I'm buying. I also have this dreaded cold engine misfire, going to be a paint to diagnose as I'm almost sure there's no vacuum leaks.. Sent from my GT-I9515 using Tapatalk
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