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  1. Cheers Dooge, I'm now looking at getting that done, possibly looking at going turbo back which will consist of the primary decat. Should sound nice, with it being an auto, wonder how the cooing will sound, however I bet once I've got the exhaust done along with the smg paddles, I can have some fun with downshifts haha.
  2. I suppose a bit of coo is nice, as long as it doesn't last as long as a minute like some of these vag cars do! To avoid the coo, I believe having read up on this, requires a small backbox / silencer.
  3. Wicked mate, cheers! Have a stag coming up in march so I can see some expense being there haha before I end up splashing on the exhaust! I guess that will be the best option mate, I really do appreciate it! Also, if I was to just amend the current pipes as in remove the center and the second cat with pipe work leaving the rest of the pipes standard, would that be suitable or do you reckon new piping will be better? I'm only 23 at the minute too so I agree with Trigger here lol
  4. Hi Pal, I might be after two of these, Can you inbox me a quote - One car already has the ecotune decat fitted. For my car, I will be leaving the primary cat in as it's already been remapped by the previous owner so rather not do a primary decat as I don't want to amend or touch the map on there as it's just right for me, however I'm happy to have it from the second cat onwards.. My car already has a backbox delete with a Y pipe after the center silencer going through to a 2.5" pipe onto two tips. If I've missed anything or you need more info do drop me a PM pal. Cheers.
  5. The coo is a horrid! I suppose it's marmite lol. With mine being an Auto, I'd imagine, it would have less coo generally anyway upon lift off? I also agree, a very nice offer from Trigger!
  6. Cheer Triggerfish! I work in Northampton and live in Leicester but I'm sure that I could pop over on a certain day that could work for you? I was hoping to get it done around April time so anytime around then when ever you have time :).. I do appreciate it pal
  7. Cheers pal, thanks for your input Tim!
  8. That sounds mint, however it seems even just a backbox delete on an Audi with a small silencer makes them sound so mean! I wish it was that easy on these lol. As I'm leaving the primary cat in place and having a straight pipe from there, I can't imagine it being too loud. Was hoping some had done similar
  9. Most certainly, I don't want it to be any sort of chavvy noise like a saxo with a 5" exhaust lol.. I'm ideally after a nice deep rumble and for it to be loud when being driven hard not casually. The 4 pots are loud with minimal amendments, I know exactly what you mean pal.
  10. Easy lads sorry to bump this thread, As I've had the backbox removed, not wanting to touch the primary cat due to having to get it mapped again. What if I was to remove the centre box with a straight pipe and also the secondary cat, replaced with a straight pipe? Basically all straight from the primary cat! Anyone had this done and if so any info on how it'll sound or so? Thanks
  11. Ah got you, hmm from the turbo back I suppose excuse my naivety, from the primary cat which has been decatted? If I was to get rid of the middle box and resonator, would that make much difference? Just get it chopped and weld pipes in place Cheers
  12. I've just done a backbox delete so far but will the decat make a difference to the exhaust noise? As I was thinking of taking out the middle box or the resonator and leaving the primary cat in place rather than a decat due to having to remap again as I love the current map on it. Cheers Rasa
  13. Hey Guys, Happy holidays to all.. Just a quick bit of help please, I've got a 330cd and my mate has a 320cd. Now he has a decat and EGR delete, however I doubt the egr makes much difference to the exhaust sound if anything anyway. He had his backbox chopped and one pipe with twin put in place and I must admit, under load it does sound nice albeit a tractor tone which I quite like, I understand it's quite marmite here! I've had my backbox chopped and a pipe in place with two tips, however it sounds the same unless it's between 2k RPMS onwards in the lower gears of a light scream shall we say compared to his deep rumble and in huggers not much difference. I was wondering, I'm sure a decat can't make huge exhaust tone difference can it? I was under the impression it makes more of a whistle and cooo with the decat. Both are mapped, if that makes a difference. So what I'm wondering is, if the standard 320d exhaust has less restrictions than a standard 330d exhaust? Don't really want to put a decat in and have it mapped again as I bought it already mapped. Any support is welcomed. Happy new year in advance Ricks
  14. Fitted these the other night but wouldn't let me upload.. only shots until the cars been cleaned as it's dirty as f*ck .. yet to roll and space the rear however http:// http://
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