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  1. Omg both of those are amazing [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7] And I truly feel for you. Those jealous c***s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is something I'm soon going to be looking in to. I've just seen the eBay android units and thinking one of those will be the ones I'm going to buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. sometimes you have to travel to get a good deal, ive never been to worried about making a trip for a car viewing, have come back with out the car a few times but enjoy the road trip
  4. ill be up for it, im a brummy so why not aha
  5. had a look, mine are fitted with the normal wire connections, but i missed the part where you said yours is a facelift, so assuming you may have powerfold mirrors? ive got a prefacelift so if im not mistaken wouldn't have the ribbon/ power fold?
  6. ive got schnitzer mirrors on my cab, ill try seeing how there fitted for you over the weekend.
  7. damn, well guess the 2.8 needs to hurry up know, if its a cracked head or blown gasket, things such as radweld or anything similar can help you keep going for a while. Used it many times before we dropped the 2.8 in.
  8. I was only thinking my own HID kits as I have a few spare h7 kits lol. No good for d2s fitment.
  9. Thats a bonus, so ill look in to the coding. Want to learn that as few features I want to add. Was the wiring plug and play with the d2s? Assuming you have used BMW ballasts aswell? I was thinking if they do come with halogen bulbs and they are cheaper ill put in some aftermarket HID kits. Got some spare anyway from previous car. Was going to put them on the current headlamps but been told not to with the reflector.
  10. my car currently has reflector lights (pre face), so wanting to go down the xenon route. was looking at oem items, and seen threads on how easy it is to take the lights apart. So thought it may be easier for me to get a damaged set and rebuild it on to my current lights. Few questions i have tho, does the manual adjuster in the car still work with xenons? been reading they are auto levelling, was that all xenons, as correct me if im wrong some used the H7 bulb while others used d2s If i get a set of halogen ones (if you can get that with projector), will the LCM need coding? and damn it cant remember what else i had to ask as i got distracted typing this, if i remember i will be back.
  11. oh no, feel for you mate, hope your ok tho and not injured, thats the main thing!!! how'd it happen? Thanks, i am all ok. Another car pulled out infront of me on a dual carriage way and i took him out DAMN, onwards and upwards tho. Main thing is your ok, cars can be replaced
  12. oh no, feel for you mate, hope your ok tho and not injured, thats the main thing!!! how'd it happen?
  13. is that not he 14.5mm one? I'm after the 10mm
  14. ive found a part number for the e36 10mm spring pad, am i correct in thinking it will work on the e46?
  15. Thanks for that, checked real oem 1st, and with my car details only found the 5mm pads, tried some other ones just know and got the 14.5mm, but cant seem to locate the 10mm.
  16. shabir

    winter E46

    guess insurance companies will go to any extreme to avoid paying, only one ive heard was for a stereo, and my mate had a cheap s**tty after-market one, but as it wasn't declared he got no where with his claim. but that video for the winter tyres, honestly did not think that much difference would be made, wonder if i can get hold of part worns.
  17. Hi guys, wondering if i can get the part numbers for the 10mm and 14.5mm spring pads, thinking of using thicker ones as currently with the 5mm it sits very low. Also would you guys know how much they are roughly
  18. shabir

    winter E46

    Ill have to move the lab to my house then, dont think ill have space, and rather not have loads of blood samples in my house lol thats the dumbest thing ive heard, in that sense using tyres different to what the car left factory (such as brand etc) with could be argued as a modification.
  19. we luckily picked up the cam cheap brand new of a guy scrapping his project, had doubts it may be tooo aggressive but its actually not that bad, its a 290/290 newman cam. thats the only head work we did other than uprated rocker arms. I wanted to get the head ported etc, thought while its out and as other intake work being done why not but thats where my brother disagreed and seeing as it went in his car he won lol. if you want to find the build thread should be under my brothers profile aceifty i think, very pic heavy.
  20. hope were gunna get regular build pics, if your on e30 zone, im pretty sure the pics are up there for the b28 me and my bro built. doing anything else to the engine while its being stripped, such as cams, head work etc. hit me up with any questions you may have if i can still remember that is, been a while know since i done this build
  21. shabir

    winter E46

    i dont think i want to add any extra weight to the rear end, I find the AC Schnitzer springs have given the car a huge drop, and certain people who are know banned to sit in the back cause the tyres to rub on the inner arch over bumps lmfao
  22. damn it, just realised i haven't got any pics on the new laptop, will go hunt my phone cable after apprentice
  23. same, I think I'd prefer a tech1 too! D'oh! I think it happens to all e30 lovers, start off with a tech 2 then have a desire for a tech 1, a few people i know have said the same
  24. shabir

    winter E46

    cool so looks like i should be ok then, ill see how it goes on the current tyres, and once the ice etc kicks in if i find long drives are going to be a pain ill switch up to winters. i use busy main roads anyway so hopefully no issues would come my way.
  25. those are some lovely E30's, before i got my E46 i was tempted at another E30, ill have to dig out the pics later, looks like this is turning in to a share your E30 post I would love to get a nice tech 1. I used to love the tech 2 at first but more I got in to the E30 world i started appreciating the chromies and tech1
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