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  1. Ade70

    Santa Pod

    Anyone going this week end ?
  2. My first car was a 71 Capri 1600GT XLR in fern green with black vinyl top VAR 222J cost me 850.00 in June 75 I was 17 and it was 118 a year to insure in my mums name I was earning a massive 14 biffs a week very rare if you see one in that colour today
  3. Had a brilliant day, and I got up at 4:20 Sunday morning to finish cleaning the car after the the farmer over the road decided to harvest the field saturday afternoon, that was two weeks work ruined in 2 minutes but the show and you guys I met made it all worth it 👍 When we gonna do it again
  4. Mystic Blue, with blue rag top.
  5. Yep could do this when and where? JDS1808 do you live in Flitwick or Flitick :-)
  6. I always had them in my cars way back from 75 in my first car a Capri 3000E I would pricked the back so many times it would only last a week in the summer but smelt gawjus, use to have a lolly pop stick poked down the side of my 8 track too, so it would play does anyone remember doing that.
  7. Love this too:- Le Grange ZZ Top
  8. Love all kinds of music, but this is great when you are driving on those long straight roads in the US, Runnin down a dream Tom Petty and the heartbreakers
  9. 58 Yrs old 330i sport rag top No points, no no claims on this vehicle £320 fully comp
  10. I don't use mine in the week so don't know, I have just got back from Christchurch a 130 mile trip door to door pressed the puter thingy and it said the car done 37.4 mpg, it did 31.9 on the way there in heavy M25 traffic.
  11. I have seen lots over the years but ones that stick in my mind are PEN1S belonged to Steve Parish and lives in the Royston area FAB 1 on the old Lady Penelope's car which lived down the road from here R1 on a Range Rover in Olney he also owns 1RON on his Ferrari LOU15E on a XR3 convertible in the 80's in Bournemouth TUR80 on a Porsche in Bedford.
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