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  1. I have seen similar projects, when I was more into the vw scene there were a few 2 door boras and golf estates about, I've just never seen an e46, I love taking on stupid projects and I've got a spare car! I'm also looking at using the m57 out the 330d in an e34 I've got! if I do the touring it'll definitely be flared!
  2. I did wonder about the windscreen angle, I'd spotted the pillar less doors, compacts have frames tho so that might be an option...maybe I need a crashed/knackered compact to chop up...
  3. I did wonder about the windscreen angle, I'd spotted the pillar less doors, compacts have frames tho so that might be an option...maybe I need a crashed/knackered compact to chop up...
  4. That was my plan! Doors and b pillars from a coupe or compact, custom glass between the door and the standard rear quarter, maybe an opening on for rear passengers.... i just like 2 door estates! if I'd got any idea how to work photoshop I'd have a go, unfortunately my skills lie more with a grinder and welder!
  5. I got a 320d and 330d both touring that I'm breaking
  6. Has anyone done one? Ever? Just running some thoughts about what to do with my spare bits!
  7. So I've had it a while, bought it cheap off a mate needing a head gasket or possibly oil cooler... And it needs wings, headlights,a bonnet front bumper.... The list goes on.. its also got a dented passenger door, rough bodywork all over and the interior is filthy! I figured that maybe if I'm doing a blog I might actually fix it!
  8. It seems I joined up months ago, asked about my project but forgot to say hello! Then I went in hospital and forgot all about cars for a bit.. now im back on it! so I'll say a hello first, I'm dave (obviously) I've currently got a 320d and 330d touring.. I had intended building a good one out of the 2 as the shell is rough on the 330d and the engine is knackered on the 320d... having started stripping the 320d wiring I've decided to repair the 330d!!! Seems silly not to as I have a workshop with a spray booth etc... If if I can ever figure out how to put pictures on here I'll get some before during and after shots on...
  9. Hi all... so, ive done the searches and come up with nothing other than "its not worth it" or "sell yours and buy a 330" etc... basically this is my story... I bought a 320d last year, as a non runner, now the body is mint, its the colour I want, its really clean etc.. the engine is scrap, appears to have dropped a valve or something like, im not interested in investgating any further. I have already pulled the engine and swapped it with another which is about as good as the original to be honest, although it runs, its got a knock! following on from this a mate of mine got hold of a 330d, to be used as a donor for his drifter, unfortunately everything he wanted off it was rotten!! he was after suspension and brakes, but due to living by the sea, its all been attacked by the salt!! now, I was after the double din sat nav screen etc out of it, ready for when I fix mine, when asked what he wanted for it, all he wanted was a pair of low access jacks, for the whole car!!!!! forward to now, I have a mint 320d with a scrap engine and a scrap 330d with a mint engine and box (service history and Ive driven it) they are both 2001 cars. so... my question is.... does anyone actually know whats involved, how much of the interior loom and whatnot needs swapping, anything I need to know??? if not, watch this space.. and before anyone mentions costs, skills etc, I'm a fully trained Audi and Toyota tech, I have my own workshop full of kit and a kettle that's always on.. I am doing this project, one way or another but if anyone has any shortcuts I'm open to suggestion!!!! thanks!
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