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  1. No, postponed it until summer. As you, I'm most likely go with B4. There are two kinds of B4 from what I've found: one for standard suspension and one for lowered msport. Make sure you get the right ones. Also, it's B8's for msport, which are shortened B6's.
  2. At the risk of repeating an age old topic, I can't decide whether to replace the m-sport shocks on my clubsport with Bilstein B4 or B6 units. Any first hand impressions of either would be really useful. I did read as much as I could on the topic but still can't decide. I understand the B4 is pretty much an OE replacement and that the B6 is a definite upgrade. Either will, or course, feel much better than the currently well worn out suspension. I will be replacing all the associated parts, not just the shocks. So, will the B4 be good enough? Will the B6 ruin the ride? I'm not after a trackday car, but like a good handling car. Cheers all!
  3. Yes, I know all the bushes will add up to a small fortune! Still, gives great piece of mind. Did you replace springs and shocks, too?
  4. Hat's off to you. First class job! It reminds me that I need to do mine! Have you added up all the costs for the rear end rebuild? Minus the reinforcement plates.
  5. Love it! Get on with it! Looking forward to the build thread.
  6. Misfire on a cylinder is usually the coil.
  7. If you feel able to, I would solder those couple of resistors back on. Although, it might be in vain, depending on caused them to come off in the first place. Still worth a go since you already have it apart.
  8. Which bulbs did you use? Sorry, maybe you posted this already.
  9. Clear the codes and see if they come back. Those codes most likely point to an air leak on the rubber plumbing between the airbox and the throttle body. They can difficult to spot.
  10. Wait. You took the heatsink off the LED bulbs? They won't last long if that's the case.
  11. Very nice. A lot of car for the money. Shame about the colour. 😊
  12. I can't see a good clean out with a hose doing any harm. It's just water.
  13. Doesn't sound like a battery drain issue, otherwise your battery would go flat with the boot closed sat overnight. Sounds like your battery is dead.
  14. Glad to hear you seem to be making some headway. That's some weird s**t you got going on. Hope you get it all sorted.
  15. Very carefully check the rubber boot between the MAF and the throttle body for a split. You'll need a mirror and a torch. Most likely the cause.
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