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  1. 330ci - coolant loss & misfire

    Yup, all typical e46 stuff. Did all that to mine last year, except for the ccv pipes.
  2. Misfire and traction light flashing.

    Are you sure you have misfire? Or is the traction control? I had problem last year on my 330ci where the TC would come on for no reason. First mostly around fast right hand bends. Got worse where it would do it in straight line at random. Renoved both rear wheel speed sensors, clean them and relucter rings, and it's been fine ever since.
  3. Reverse parking sensors - not working

    Which land rover parts?
  4. Chrome Paint.. Yeah

    Always looks great when freshly done. It's the upkeep of the shine that I find too tedious for my liking.
  5. Coolant Bleeding

    Have you tried running the engine with coolant reservoir cap off until the engine come up to temperature? Then squeeze the lower radiator hose (and any other coolant hoses that are easily accessible) multiple times. Make sure you keep your hands away from the radiator fan and keep an eye on the coolant level. That should get rid of an air locks.
  6. Style 32 wheels on 330ci

    You made the correct choice, IMHO. I'd love to find a set style 78 2-piece wheels that came on the Z4, but have only seen one set in over 12 months and missed those.
  7. I would guess the mating surfaces weren't clean or the gasket wasn't seated correctly. I've done a few of these and never had a problem. Always assembled them dry.
  8. Worrying knock from front!

    If it's that easily repeatable, surely a decent garage will be able to find the source of it.
  9. Worrying knock from front!

    It could one of shock absorbers, too. Not unheard of.
  10. Worrying knock from front!

    I also have a mysterious knocking from the front and have replaced control arms and bushes, drop links, and rollbar bushes. I now suspect the front shock top mounts. It doesn't happen consistently and can be perfect for days. Repeated, thorough visual inspection reveals nothing untoward.
  11. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    You can turn the lights on and off. Well, usually. 😂
  12. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Nothing major. Replaced the standard msport front seats recently with m6 e63 seat which aside from much higher quality leather also have powered lumber height and side bolster adjustment. One of the best upgrades I've done. The wheels will go in for a full refurb over the summer and the suspension will need a refurb. Quite fancy a Bilstein B14 PSS kit or at least a B12 kit, though not in a hurry. Other than that just keep on top of maintenance and appearance. I prefer my cars stock looking.
  13. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    Lighting control module. Sits behind the headlight switch.
  14. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    If both headlights are out then my guess it's not the lights but rather something that's common to both such live feed, fuse, connectors. It's very suspicious that the headlights no longer work after getting the alternator replaced. I'd to back to whoever did that.
  15. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Here is one having its clutch replaced.