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  1. Disconnected Wire Under Sport Seats

    Seat belt tensioner, possibly. It's down by the seat belt buckle receiver.
  2. It seems to me the fuel leak is external to the engine. I presume you've checked carefully for any visible fuel leaks. The engine seems be running as it should.
  3. How do you know it's running rich? If you can smell fuel in the cabin, that would be *seriously* rich! Maybe a leaking injector might do it.
  4. Well then, I sure hope I won't have to ever!
  5. Is that really the case, though? There are plenty of people that have replaced the head gasket on these engines without any head bolt thread issues. Best thing if you want to pinpoint the cause of the compression loss is a leak down test. Inquire at a local Indy specialist.
  6. A competent garage should be able to help. It might be worth a try.
  7. By wet you mean a bit of oil down the plug hole? Doesn't look like it's piston rings. Best thing would be a leak down test.
  8. 19” Rims

    Wrong tyres on the 19" wheels?
  9. 19” Rims

    Take the rear wheel speed sensors off, clean them and the area around, reinstall.
  10. Not surprised, tbh. Many were not looked after and owned by mongs. I looked for quite a while myself. In the end, I bought the best I could find, bought it cheap (under 2 grand) and accepted the fact that it would take time and money to put it right, which it now is. Very much in standard form, except for Android radio and M6 front seats, which look very close to the standard msport seats but much higher quality leather and adjustable side bolsters and lumbar support. Mine has now just shy of 150k miles and I'm not worried about it in the least. Good luck with your search.
  11. Front splitters were just painted black. There were optional proper carbon fibre ones available from BMW at the time but never seen any. Carbon wrapping is w**k, especially the stick on film type.
  12. Clubsport Vs M-Sport?

    Buy it. Enjoy it. End of.
  13. Clubsport Vs M-Sport?

    The problem with the really low mileage cars is that they are a bit pointless. They will lose value if you put miles on them, so no good if you want to actually use one.
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Go for M6 seat if you can find a set. Took me well over 6 months to find mine but absolutely love them. They match the rest of the interior better than the M3 ones (unless you change the whole interior, of course).
  15. 100 bhp per litre should be achievable these days. Many others have a higher specific power output. However, clearly that would require a few changes to the engine, like inlet, exhaust, head cross flow, throttle bodies, etc. None of that will be cheap and you would soon exceed to cost difference to an M3. I wonder what gains there would be by fitting an M3 intake system and a proper exhaust header, etc.