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  1. Hi Guys Im after a good indy in nottingham? Just moved up here from essex, used to use Motoraid and they were really good, ive seen a few names, just need some work done on my clubby. Thanks
  2. I had this, just used a litter copper grease, all ok now
  3. Is their any particular type/ power I should go for?
  4. Hi All Need to replace the battery in my 330 auto, where's the best place to get one and which type, looked on expenses, there was like 10 different ones, not sure which one to get, any help would be great
  5. I paid £100 last I had it done, they used a system called hunter, that was elite tyres in essex
  6. Got the same oil from them, great deal, good for my high mileage 330
  7. I picked up my key from Ben yesterday, really quick and seems to be working, bargain at £30 I have to say
  8. Thanks mate Good to meet you and nice looking e46
  9. funny thing is I unplugged the battery and the knock disappeared, but after around 80 miles the knock came back, I don't it's the bearing, maybe software, as it only happens in normal gearbox mode and not sport and totally disappears when I reset battery and car drove perfect then came back about 80 miles later
  10. I reset the battery, but is still playing up, my car has an original screen. Any other ideas I could try, do I need to replace the module on the screen?
  11. Anyone on here able to update gearbox software?
  12. But the weird thing is, I don't get the knock in sport mode
  13. Il reset battery tonight and let you guys know, how I get on
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