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  1. M3 parrot Bluetooth

    Let us know how you get on with it as I was told you can't do it!
  2. Aux connection on rear of satnav unit

    Hi RoryW Just got it back yesterday and fitted it back in (bm54) I had the amp upgrade with new firmware etc and a Bluetooth connection Sounds really great and connect to the Bluetooth with ease! Yes they are in Enfield would recommend this upgrade to anyone looking to update there sound system.
  3. Ok, this garage are out and out lying to me

    Get the car back and go elsewhere obviously they don't care about your car! Find a garage that is honest and will look at your car!
  4. M3 parrot Bluetooth

    Thanks bungers I've just taken my bm54 out and sent it to boris at carphonics for a amp upgrade and Bluetooth connection Finally getting it sorted Much better than messing around with aux
  5. Aux connection on rear of satnav unit

    I Got in touch with carphonics I've taken out my BM54 from the rear and sent it to them! For a amp update and Bluetooth connection ??
  6. IMG 0728

    From the album Steven 330ci

  7. M31

    From the album Steven 330ci

  8. Aux connection on rear of satnav unit

    Thanks will do!
  9. Aux connection on rear of satnav unit

    cant find it
  10. I've been looking to fit a aux to my BMW M3 52 plate( satnav widescreen) I was told there was a aux in the the loom going to the head unit?
  11. aux from rear cd changer

    Hi guys I need help I'm looking to fit a AUX but I have OEM Satnav I've been told I can connect the aux from the rear cd changer is this correct and which cable will I need? (want play music from my iphone6) don't want to change stereo or spend £££ Thanks
  12. image

    From the album Steven 330ci

    M3 @ BMW show Santa pod
  13. M3 parrot Bluetooth

    Thanks will look into it ?
  14. M3 e46 oil filter housing nut is tight cant get it off

    Update the garage got it off it felt like it was going to snap but it opened! So I didn't need the oil filter housing in the end? Anybody needs a full Bmw m3 e46 oil filter with pulley housing please contact me