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  1. 330 clubsport auto box issues

    Seems a fluid change and filter change may be in order. Spoken to a head BMW tech who I know, and they just replace the box as they don't want any come backs, but fluid and filter will work wonders apparently! Certainly worth doing instead of a 4k bill!
  2. Having some issues with my mates 330 clubsport (2003 facelift) auto. It seems to hold in 4th sometimes, then the warning light comes on, but turn the car off and then on again its fine. Revs jump a tad as well between 2nd and 3rd changes, plus in auto mode it makes a weird noise. I dont have enough experiance in the autos to give much advice, but the fluid and filter change seems the best start, however £300 ish! Anyone had the same? Or know much about them?
  3. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    Still after some. Any colour but et45!
  4. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    Still after a set, though has to be black with no kerb marks. Or VMR V710 but ET50 rears and ET45 fronts. Similar style wheels and high offsets could be good as well!
  5. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    Poo!!! Were they perfect?
  6. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    I wanted VB3's as they are ET45 rears, well and matte black! I have a 135 so rubbish offsets
  7. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    Ive used chris quite a few times just not sure if he can get actual VMRs (have emailed him yesterday). I know mstyle do them though.
  8. VMR VB3 CSL style wheels

    After a set of et40 fronts and et45 rears 19". In perfect condition, dont need tyres. Silver or matte black
  9. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    After cleaning they are ok, but i personally would refurb them. In the for sale section for £400, think thats fair!
  10. BMW 18" clubsport alloys

    I have these off a mates clubsport. All oruginal, but lips look like they have had a refurb, well no kerb marks! They do need a bit of attension, as around the bolts are atad flakey on a couple. Otherwise very good, well no dents or welds. Come with tyres, and good tread, but only budgets. They are fronts 8" ET47 and rears 8.5" ET50 £400 which i think is a bargain! Sorry for the water left! I seem to of taken the pics and then wiped them down :roll:
  11. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    I'm not surprised though
  12. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    Bar the photo skills, i think they look pretty good!
  13. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    I'm thinking of around £600 for them, so fingers croased. Hard to judge, but that's what they will owe me. Should be getting them off on sat or Sunday, so after a clean will stick them up
  14. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    Must admit I've split BBS wheels which are years old and had no issues. But bolts snapping a just part of the fun Or send them off to Dips at custom cars and let him tackle them
  15. 18" clubsport wheels?.

    What did you use to split them? As what did you use on the threads?