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  1. Tyres !! Worn or un matched tryes give the same symptoms as you have described. Mart.
  2. Is the drop down section in the boot, which can be raised when the roof is up , in the correct position ? Mart.
  3. Asda and tesco stuff did the same in three of my cars. Mart.
  4. i found using the blue stuff from asda etc blocked up the filter. Mart.
  5. Just an update, during last week all electrics in the hard top started working as they should do ......dont know why but happy days Mart.
  6. Do you think the best bet is to remove the top and have a look ? Mart.
  7. 2004 325 cab On the hard top when in place, the heated rear window does not work. When you press the switch, the interior light comes on but very dim so before I start to strip stuff down do you have any ideas where I should look first ? Many thanks Mart.
  8. Right, I put the new MAF in and it ran ok ish until half way to work and the issues all started up again. MAF unpulgged for the jurney home and she ran like a dream and today as well. Obviously the MAF is having some effect on something else so it just may be the 02 sensors ? Mart.
  9. Its a new one from the bay so for £25 I may as well give it a go lol. Thanks for all your help on this one mate, I have my car back. Mart.
  10. The light is on but I have nothing to read it by so will have to wait until it arrives and see if it makes a difference. Another good day, I have pushed her more today and she was not left asking !! Mart.
  11. The maf is on its way and today was day four too and from work and its like a different car. Do you think there will be a code for this as no one else has picked up on the maf, this has been going on for weeks now ? Mart.
  12. Well she ran to and from work really well today only to idle a bit high on stopping but soon settled down. I`ve never had two good work runs in succession for a long time so I bought a cheap maf for £25 so lets really hope this is it. I saw a vid on u-tube about this and we were more or less in the same ball park with symptoms , lets hope it continues. Mart.
  13. I think air leaks are off the menu so far as my guy has gone through all of this and found a small couple but I will stick with what you have said so far as it looks good and so far she drives good. Work in the morning at 5.20 ish so lets hope mate !! Mart.
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