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  1. Nasty................how much to replace each bowl ? Mart.
  2. Cheers for that mate, I will check again and see if it is any better next week on lates. Mart.
  3. Its not auto leveling and its halogen so if I wind them back up they may stay there ? Mart.
  4. lights are still bad so I adjusted them up a bit and they seem a touch better so will take them up a bit more next week when on lates again. Main beam is spot on. Could a dodgy relay have any effect ? Mart.
  5. Voltage is good and the battery is also good, I have removed the crap from the front of the len`s so I wil;l see what it is like coming home from the late shift on Monday. Mart.
  6. Any thoughts on this please?? Mart.
  7. 325 2004 cab My headlights are the halogen bulls eye type and quite frankly , they are s**t !!! I put some Osram nightbreaker unlimited bulbs in and they are still s**t !!! It almost seems like they are on a dim dip cycle so can any one shed any light on this please ? (ooops) Mart.
  8. When you say the taper of the drill bit , what are you using to drill the hole with or do you mean the taper of the tap ? Why not try the epoxy resin on something similar to test out its strength , this seems like a good way to go if it is as good as they say it is and it is Loctite. Mart.
  9. Well the car still ran like crap so I was to take her back but the stater gave up. This was replaced this week and the car runs really good with an improved MPG. Do you think these two issues could possibly be linked somehow ? Mart.
  10. They said the lamba sensor is not responding which is why it runs a bit uneven but I changed the plugs today and it ran better , not suprised really as the old ones were way past their best. How it ran with these is a mystery. Back to the shop on tuesday for a new sonsor then. Mart.
  11. Well the shop are replacing one of the coils today and they seem confident this is the issue so I will pick her up after work tomorrow and hope all is well. Thanks for the input guys. Mart.
  12. I took her to the shop today and it seems the engine management light is not there so I hope he did not remove the codes as well. Can you access historical codes ? Mart.
  13. I have a 325 cab se and it has gone off the rails yesterday as it runs very lumpy and stalls . The guy who came out to look at it said it was the head gasket , I think he was wrong, as he was too quick to jump to the idea and was suprised to hear about my possible solution. The oil and water have not mixed and the oil and water levels are good also the water temp is fine. There was a small patch of oil under the car like it was forsed out but not a lot. It starts OK and no smoke at all , but I have had a similar situation in my late 330 ci but not exactly the same . Ideas please ?? Many thanks ,, Mart.
  14. Are you talking about the inside ? Mart.
  15. my rear parking sensors are going stupid ,bleeping at anything even stuff not there. I have washed them but to no avail, so any ideas please? Mart.
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