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  1. The maf is on its way and today was day four too and from work and its like a different car. Do you think there will be a code for this as no one else has picked up on the maf, this has been going on for weeks now ? Mart.
  2. Well she ran to and from work really well today only to idle a bit high on stopping but soon settled down. I`ve never had two good work runs in succession for a long time so I bought a cheap maf for £25 so lets really hope this is it. I saw a vid on u-tube about this and we were more or less in the same ball park with symptoms , lets hope it continues. Mart.
  3. I think air leaks are off the menu so far as my guy has gone through all of this and found a small couple but I will stick with what you have said so far as it looks good and so far she drives good. Work in the morning at 5.20 ish so lets hope mate !! Mart.
  4. WOW......Thanks for that, I now know I am not harming things with it unplugged. I took her out this morning and it seemed to run a touch better but with no symptoms so you may be on to something here, I hope lol Is there any way I can tell if it is no good ?? Many thanks and I will keep you posted. Mart.
  5. OK so I took off the connector after the air cleaner and it seemed to run very slightly better but that could have been in my head. I have checked all the other stuff and they are just fine. Educate me please ?? What does what I have unplugged actually do ? Cheers Mart.
  6. Well it rained all morning and it still is now so I had no time to look at what you said but I will, I dont ignore good advise mate. She ran like a dream to and from work today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,strange. Mart.
  7. Thanks for that mate !! I have just been let back on here too. Coming home tonight from work (10.00pm) she ran superb so I have to say it is temperature related BUT I will check out your advise and report back. Many thanks Mart.
  8. Thanks mate but hell would freeze over before I joined facebook etc but cheers anyway. Mart.
  9. spark plugs and all coils have been replaced and no lights on the dash but there was an old fault of oxygen sensor no2 which is not there. Mart.
  10. Hello, e46 325 cab auto se 2004 92k. Not long after I bought the car she started to run poor so after loads of coil packs, new plugs and a few air leaks sorted we went on to buy top range petrol but she still runs irractically but only when hot.Going to work this morning (20 min trip) she was perfect, on the way home after 15 mins she started to what seems like miss fireing but when pushed she was like the devil, awesome. We had a light on saying no2 sensor was faulty but they were cleared last week and nothing has come back. I am doing 26 mpg around town and 37 on a mixed run which I thought was OK. A little bit stuck here so any help please ? Mart.
  11. Thats worth me remembering for the future, cheers. Mart.
  12. Nasty................how much to replace each bowl ? Mart.
  13. Cheers for that mate, I will check again and see if it is any better next week on lates. Mart.
  14. Its not auto leveling and its halogen so if I wind them back up they may stay there ? Mart.
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