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  1. Hi all, I've got the hankering for a E46 again, perhaps a 2 litre diesel touring would be ideal. Especially if it has rainsports/winter tyres on Just on the off chance I'm in the South east, cheers
  2. Just sold my 330CD after 27,000 miles of ownership over 1.5 years. I lost £500 on it in value. Name another car you can do that with, with the performance / economy mine offered. Cheers to all for the advice and noob questions over the year! I will most certainly be back in an E46 in the future, just in petrol format this time. M3 time perhaps! Ta-ra & thanks!
  3. Put it up for sale. Washed it for anyone wanting more recent photos too. ;'( Anyone knows of anyone interested, feel free to give me a shout. (330CD M Sport Manual Silver Grey FSH / Standard / Swirl flaps removed etc etc 145k, South East)
  4. Thanks mate, I'm looking to sell it shortly do don't want to go modding it now, cheap and cheerful and back to her fully working order and standard will do just fine lol. Thanks for suggestions, will need to have a look!
  5. Hi all, Not posted in a while.. 27,000 miles later, 3 miles from home after running the old girl after sitting for 3 weeks, she throws up the EML light for the first time. I swear it knows it's going to be for sale soon. Unreal. The caliper has seized on too, so need that sorting out. Here's what I've got. I'm guessing swirl flap codes were already there - were all removed before I got the car. So, EGR is what's caused the light. No idea where to start! Any ideas chaps? Cheers, Tom
  6. I've also got Goodyear Eagle F1's all round now. Gen 1's on the front, new Gen 2's on the rear. No complaints from me! Even gunning it in the rain with TC off the wheels hardly squabble!
  7. Another new tyre.... @ £134 fitted. Now have 4 Goodyear F1's, with 2 brand spanking on the back!
  8. Holy s**t haha. I know that roundabout well! The Friday afternoon white van man is not to be under-estimated!
  9. Fitted a dashcam. (Well, a few days ago!) I went for the Mobius in the end. Got it from JooVoo for £62 with the car kit. From the outside you can't see it unless your looking for it! It's a truly brilliant bit of kit for the money. Wish I had done it sooner. When I finally installed it within 5 minutes someone pulled out on me without looking haha. Saved that clip!
  10. How much was your LUK clutch and DMF? Would it be the same on my 330cd? Haha. Lovely example, I don't think your far off asking for 3.5k. Maybe advertise it slightly more.
  11. I literally have emailed myself this deal last night. Ridiculous value for money. I used quidco last time too. Works out to £20 for 4 litres with that code & using quidco! Mental. Might get myself 2 even though I've just done my oil service haha. Nice one.
  12. Granted..... I've been seeing so much of this topic pop up recently and wondered if anyone's got any (expert) views on all these additive type products; This 'millers' one below has tons of good reviews on amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Millers-Oils-Diesel-Power-500ml/dp/B002WCAISS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 From what I've been reading the TL;DR is if you use V Power / premium fuel the cleaning properties can help. If you add these additives to normal fuel, it's cheaper in the long run and you get the same benefits. Just something doesn't sit right with me and I'm in the 'It's a con!' corner. Fair enough if your having EGR / DPF issues and want to bung some in for a try, but some of the reviews on there are using this every tank and claiming better MPG? Surely the car is not designed to be running this through it's tank in the first place? Would just be interested on any solid information / claims / opinions on the matter! Oh and also, from the plethora of 'cleaning' type products available, should I be considering any e.g. 'turbo cleaner' or 'injector shizzle' as my 330cd is coming up to 135k. Car is running healthy, good MPG but do get some smoking on full throttle. If it ain't broke, don't fix it comes to mind but I'm interested to find out more... Cheers!
  13. Ah yes, yours was pretty recent wasn't it. You would have thought they would have picked up on it. Mine was last September..
  14. Interesting Bamse... I have the exact same but the opposite side.. I thought it was just my handbrake at first but I'm noticing it more and more. Will have to try and jack it up and see !
  15. Nice angle and great quality. Out of interest I'd like to try my hand at some very basic video editing - what programme are you using / recommend ? Cheers
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