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  1. Unlucky! Weve all done it (unless your a pretty boring person!), youll do it again and so will i, tonight probably. Just look around a bit more next time so you dont get caught. ...... If its done where no-one else is whether its on a public road or not then whats the problem the only thing your risking is your OWN health and your OWN car, drifting towards other road users and inbetween traffic is a different story but it doesnt sound like this so good luck and from me
  2. Lovely condition car! Off pictures id say URGH get rid of the wood, how old are you ITS AN M3.... BUT... i found the right car for me not long ago, only thing i could see i didnt like was it had this trim the same as yours, i thought well if the rest of the car is what im after il just put up with it for a week or so and replace it, then i seen it in person, how wrong was i?! I actually really like it, pictures dont do this trim justice, id say, if it looks ok with your colour leather in person (suits my red) then definitely keep it because its really nice infront of you and ive hardly seen any with it in! Enjoy the //M mate
  3. Im 99% sure that my boot opens when my engine is running because i usually forget the car has autolocked and shout for the passenger to press the unlock button inside then the boot will open, whilst the engine is still running? im a bit confused why mine would do this and so many others wouldnt, the 330 and the M3 im sure did it but never the less its something different in the car that you dont see often and again sets your car aside from all the others with its nice litle touches so its a thumbs up from me!
  4. i never get bored of watching these video's, one day! search for HPF M3 Dads first reaction, thats a funny one. A guy who works contracting for our place told me hes started ordering the bits for his and it should be ready in 12 months! hopefully he'll finish it id love to see/feel it in the flesh! said its going to be stage 2 about 550 i think, allready bought the gearbox and clutch and turbo..... big job!
  5. cjohnson - What is it you want to know mate? ive PM'd you. Jay - yeah no problem atall mate! ive not seen a silver coupe knocking about il have to keep my eye out for it! can usually tell what ones your when i see it with different wheels on each month haha. Ive got a beast of a car for work...... N reg 1.5D 106 animal of a car mate haha and its lilac. Ive only got my phone and works comps so finding it hard to get a pic up.... still trying lol
  6. Hey Jamie! Cheers mate I usually use it when I'm in on a Friday so have to have a catch up if your in one day! What you driving now? Cheers lads and il get some pics up soon as I can :-) Trick - I forgot about them pics, weird looking at my old baby like that, only made subtle changes but it made it SO much different looking to them pics!
  7. Hi Guys I used to come on here regularly! Been meaning to get myself back on here for a few months but you know what its like, allways something popping up! Ive had a few BMW's now but the one i had when i was on here all the time was my Grey 330CD, for whatever reason i decided to get rid and ended up with a toy, an S3 that'd been played with abit running about 300BHP, To be honest apart from 4WD launches being fun the car was not for me and i had to get myself back in a BMW where i belong lol I have ended up with what ive allways wanted (now the insurance finally will let me!) and after about 4-6 months (2-3 months interested and 3 months with intention of buying the right one!) searching for the right one, last month i bought an 05' Silver grey M3 SMG, i love it and its everything i always thought the car would be! Il have to get my head around the forum again as its got to be over a year since i was on! Il get some pictures and details of my car up ASAP and look forward to talking to a few of you! I still have a few nice parts from my 330CD that i took off before i sold it! few badges, Eisenmann exhaust, ecotune decat pipe, clubsport gearknob and a box with bits in which i keep meaning to advertise! is there any rules about selling on here now as in i think you used to of been a member for so long and posted so many times? If someones got any info on this then great as i dont want to just go advertising things when im not supposed to! Cheers Danny
  8. Cheers Jamie! I emailed you earlier with a pic so you'll probably get it tomorrow? Yeah I have a welder on hand offering to do it but I can't bring myself to! Welds will make it hard and brittle with no treatment afterwards and can't see how it'll ever be 100%, probably me being over cautious but if I've gotta go to the trouble of taking it off i might aswell change it for one that's never been broken whether that be a 2nd hand strengthened one or new. DECISIONS! Cheers Simon, I'm allready on it mate I've been emailing BMW uk telling them I'm not happy with their answer and a subframe shouldn't be breaking on a car less than 6 years old! Just going to have to see what they say.
  9. Hi Guys Not been on for quite a while, im looking for whatever help/advice anyone in the know can offer me. My car is a December 2005 '55 330CD M-Sport, has 100K on it and has FSH most of which is BMW but the last 3 have been at a porsche and german car specialist garage. Unfortunately the rear subframe has torn, its not in the usual place, where the sub-frame comes down and the diff connects to it, the cylindrical part has torn at the joint. I have pics but i cant get them on with the works computer and home computers out of action so il try and get some pics ASAP. BMW are denying it being their problem due to where its broken, (still on at them though). I definitely will not be welding the broken subframe no-matter how many people tell me itll be fine. However, i dont fancy paying bmw money for a new subframe that is still weak in parts. I am thinking of ordering a second hand subframe and taking it all back to bare metal, checking for any slight damage, welding if their is any and then stregthening the subframe, (im a fabricator and work close to welders so wont be an issue) then getting it painted up and fitted..... I just dont know whether its going to be better to have a strengthened second hand one on or just buy a new one from bmw. If anyone has any advice, contacts for anything helpfull or generally anything that might help me then post it up Cheers Guys Danny
  10. i was tempted to look for a set of these a few weeks ago, BMW 216 Motorsports, really nice wheels, never seen them on an e46 tbh! made by bbs aswell and if you look closely you can see the resemblence between these and CH's! Looks Good!
  11. its a big place mate, alot of areas are classed as liverpool, where about are you staying? what work brings you here? bit of advise, never trust a kopite YUK *spit* haha oj all you lfc fans (im the blue side if you havent guessed!) think ive seen about 5 or 6 users on here that are from the liverpool-ish area and ive seen a few from warrington/cheshire which isnt a million miles away!
  12. Fast glass is awesome stuff its never failed to get anything off my windows in the past, its worth getting it and giving it a go and even if it doesnt work with some real effort then you can keep it and use it for your windows when your cleaning the car anyway, +1 for fast glass
  13. yeah thats the kind of thing i was thinking but with the effect of a carbon weave through it all would make it look cool! they need to be on that car!
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