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  1. just to let everyone know I ordered one from bmw and it cost £11+ vat for a genuine one. I've seen them on eBay for alot more. but was ordering something from bmw anyway and thought I'll just get a price and wallah
  2. Hi guys I had a fault pop up on my code reader and it indicated to me that the inlet camshaft sensor has a fault. I work at a motor factors so ordered one in from cambiare. fitted it car run great and then. once the car was hot and I turned the ignition off of I then went out to the car 30 mins later it would misfire and run rough. have no power. plug it in cam sensor fault. if I left it to cool or till the next day it would be fine. I then decided it could be the sensor so returned it and ordered a qh one. have fitted that and was fine for a week then the same thing. but this time it doesn't seen to be fixing it's self once it's cooled down. could this really be another faulty sensor or could this be related to the vanos seals or something else? I taken the vanos solenoid off and cleaned that. checked the disa is working properly it has a repair kit fitted to it. no vacuum leaks I have sprayed carb cleaner around the intake boots round the manifolds and ccv no issues. any ideas would be great. the car when playing up doesn't like being at low speeds. lacks power. cuts out occasionally when slowing down. sounds different too very flat. idle is occasionally up and down. all help will be appreciated
  3. hi guys had an issue today with my 330ci e46 coupe after being a t**t, I closed my bonnet with a screwdriver on top of the headlights so the bonnet got jammed. the release cable wouldn't open it so I managed to get through the front of the car by removing the kidney grills. the bonnet is now open. The issue I'm having is that now I can't seem to open my bonnet with the lever inside the car I have to remove the handle and pull the cable with pliers. looking in the engine bay I can see where it connects in the black plastic block attached to the inner wing. but the cable after that towards the front of the car seems slack and when I pull it it pulls the sprung release. Have I stretched the cable so need to replace the section from the connector to the mechanism or is the cable supposed to be mounted anywhere past the block that's attacltched to the inner wing or is it just slack and not mounted to anything and just goes to the mechanism..? any help would be great as I want to try and fix this 2moro morning. many thanks Sam
  4. Would like some advice please. I have replaced the front suspension on my e46 coupe. Including front shocks, top mounts, drop links, powerflex lollipopbushes. I replaced them around 3 months ago and I have recently noticed a knocking sound like a tin sound metal to metal sort of noise. I jacked the car up today and checked everything over all tight nothing was loose even the drop links. Strut tip nuts nice and tight. I then jacked it up again without removing the wheel. I moved the wheel at 3 and 9 o'clock and it makes a similar noise and it seems to be coming from the rack joint underneath the car. The steering is OK unless your on a really bumpy road this is when the steering wheel rattles around a lot and the noise is present. Could this be my issue even in a straight line without turning? still get the noise over bumps in the road whilst not turning. Any advise etc would be great and if it is this where is the best place to get one is there an upgrade?
  5. I have the front and gear surround if that's any good to you. Off of a facelift coupe. Pm if interested mate
  6. boost control valve? I had the same issue with my old e39 after I reconnected a split vacuum pipe, was the boost control valve so the engine told itself to turn off or basically over boost. I done the same thing by buying all the expensive parts ended up fixing it and getting rid of it
  7. whats the spec on the csl as I seem to be seeing many different widths and ets available I have a 330ci m sport coupe facelift and want to run 19's, what widths and ets can I run with no rubbing but with an aggressive look, car is not lowered any help would be great thanks Sam
  8. don't you need to modify behind the radio to fit a double din unit that is aftermarket apart from the specifically made ones?
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