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  1. Hi, it's great to be back mate - thank you. I've had mixed views in terms of what colour it is. Can't seem to work it out but it looks great in a black car
  2. Hi Guys, I'm back after selling my imola red e46 earlier this year while studying in my final year, it came to a point where I regret selling it. So, it only meant one thing which was to locate myself another e46. Finally a graduate and great to top it off with treating myself to an e46 once again. Purchased last week, was a sapphire black 2005 plate e46 318ci coupe with an impressing 108,000 miles on the clock. I'm quite impressed with the purchase if I'm honest, certainly couldn't say no for the price I was offered it at. I've had it just over a week and managed to locate myself an individual interior at a bargain price, so out came the clean black heated interior and in went the electric memory heated individual interior. A few changes that I have planned for it are as follows - - Locate a set of staggered CSL's (if anyone has a set or knows off one for sale please put me in the right direction) - currently the car has clubsport splitters, the offside splitter is broken and has been put together with black tape by the previous owner. So off they go and on go a new set that I purchased today from SSDD Motorsport who were at the BMW show in gaydon. - if I can, I repeat if I can locate a CSL style bootlid I will consider it, nonetheless if not I will not be concerned with the current bootlid and spoiler. - locate myself a twin pipe backbox or get a custom backbox made. Images can be found by clicking the following like: what are your thoughts guys? All feedback & thoughts appreciated and of course I will keep you all posted on all progress made throughout my ownership hopefully I will keep this for a lot longer than my last lol 😂
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  11. Cheers mate. If you hear of a set for sale give me a shout please
  12. Gaz your a legend - thank you for pointing me in the right direction. You have an awesome thread and your car is phenomenal. Love how it sits nicely running the csl's. Im on the search for some csl's but it's starting to test my patience now but hey I guess I need to wait for something to crop up. thanks once again mate
  13. Evening fellow e46 enthusiasts early this week I purchased myself an e46. After selling my imola red early this year I started to hunt for another and found myself a steal. Now, currently I'm running mv3's and don't really like the look of them on the car, so was looking to change them for 19" staggered csl alloy wheels. Right, I'm hearing different stories from people some saying I'll be fine and some saying I won't. my question to you all is, will I be able to run 19" staggered csl's without rolling my arches? Will they scrape or rub on the arches if I don't roll them? Now finally, if anyone's running csl's on their e46 could you tell me what offset wheels your running please. All help and guidance is appreciated and welcomed. I look forward to your input. -E4rty6
  14. Welcome mate, lovely looking motor
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