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  1. Not particularly big updates as such, I've been setting money aside to spend on the BMW and end up buying other things. One thing I've always wanted is a suede OMP Targa, that's some thing I did manage, I also disagreed with the short plates so had some pressed plates for my birthday. I've got a Pipercross panel filter on the way and I'm also now looking for wheels ?
  2. I'm yet to fit shortened drop links since having coilovers fitted - I've had the car aligned for toe in/out but have noticed my tyres 'feathering' on the front outside edge. Would fitting shorter drop links help stop this happening or do I need further camber alignment? Thanks in advance Rob
  3. Dioch. Newport is it? I have family there, it's been a while since I was there last mind. Scrubbed up the headlights this evening.. with toothpaste! I didn't expect it to work that well but it's actually loads better. I don't have a before photo which is annoying but imagine it being really hazy and oxidised! lol
  4. Haha thank you mate. Are you the chap with the red touring on Instagram? It looks super clean! Had some spare time this morning so I took the opportunity to freshen up behind the wheels, here's what I was dealing with: And this is how each turned out: Super happy with the finish! I also took the opportunity to close the wheel/arch gap on the front, it's looking much better now in my opinion! I also bought an aux cable that plugs into the headunit, I've since found after removing the unit that it's not compatible. Can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks ?
  5. Thank you mate, I'm in Bridgend myself.
  6. Thank you mate, with it being shortened it looked odd on the black recess and it looked even more odd on the side! I'll leave it for now ? Next up.. This was much needed and has transformed the front end. I thought the lower grill had faded but upon looking closer I noticed it was overspray from a previous bumper repair. Before: After: Love this photo ?
  7. So yeah here's more with the fronts fitted, now I'm running 15mm hubcentrics all around and it really does improve the aesthetics. It catches, but only over dips in the road or if the car is fully laden, which is rarely is - so later this week I'll roll back the rear arches a touch. Next up: Alignment and a clean!
  8. I had something very similar on my Mini. I found the problem to be the actual plug to the throttle body. I removed it and greased around the seal slightly which secured it - it was fine after.
  9. They look amazing. Loved these wheels long enough to need them! Ha
  10. R80CLE

    Ed-B's 330ci

    That's ashame mate I was just getting into this thread. White looked real good against the silver ??
  11. Thanks for the warm welcomes! Had a play about with the kidneys this evening, previously left the netted chrome but it looked awful! So I've redone them, this time the inserts too. It's not a particularly good finish but they are much closer better than before! Now I look at that picture I can see me doing the lower grill next...
  12. Thanks mate I'm loving it. Getting 4 wheel alignment done on Monday so I'm trying not to drive it until that's done!
  13. Hey chaps, I'm relatively new here. Used to own a Cooper S but thought I'd bite the bullet and purchase the car I've wanted for the past three years now. This particular touring is the 330i, 150k however lots of service history. I picked it up from Gloucester area the day after Download a few weeks back, upon viewing the car the Emissions light was on, however that has been cleared by myself since and it's not come back - the previous owner has the car for eight years, and told me that it had been standing for a few months as he'd bought a Discovery for commuting (lol). First photo - stopped in Strensham for a coffee break on route home! I was eager to get started with this one, after a week or so I purchased coilovers, only TA Technix but for the price I cannot fault them personally. (I must add here, this is a good reason for having to buy coils - when a friend of mine fitted them, he showed me that the rear standard spring had snapped, and that there was no rebound whatsoever in the standard shocks!) By the time they arrived my retention document had returned from the DVLA so I also was able to get my plate on there, which meant ordered the recess blank from Sytner BMW in Cardiff. Yesterday I picked up some 15mm hubcentric spacers so that the MV1's would clear the front struts, their now fitted and b Monday or Tuesday I should receive another pair for the rear wheels. It's surprising how much spacers make a difference on stock wheels! That brings me to where I am now - next on the list is a Pipercross panel filter - unless you have any recommendations? - and amber indicators for the front. Thanks for reading so far
  14. Got yourself a bargain there mate, gotta love those wheels
  15. There's a local tuning specialist near me called Avia, they're an independent company and offer best prices locally. I'd suggest trying somewhere like that and only going to Kwik Fit as a last resort - on the Kwik Fit note, they advised they do my 'Free Brake Check' on a weekday incase any parts fall off! I know where I'd rather go if they're planning on parts falling off!!
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