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  1. National tyres - £48.95 with castrol edge and filter! surely that aint right? and wheels alignment for £15!
  2. is the rear wheel bearing hard to change on the e46 vert? noticed theyre not that expensive? or if theres any guides to do them?
  3. Where abouts are you? Im In Cardiff, South Wales
  4. I need mine sold to buy new ones just dnt fancy the treck to black pool!
  5. Well I have Mv2's but ain't got no wheels to go on, and also needs a new tyre on the front passenger and the 2 in the back are coming close...
  6. Any deals on with my Mv2's Matt? Gimme a text mate - 07733334220
  7. as above its only when i go over little humps in the road sounds like a metalic slapping noice not really deep enough to be a ball joint... any ideas guys? cheers jase
  8. Still got these bad boys Matt? Any droppage in the price mate?
  9. What's the lowest you'll take? I have a pioneer one at the moment touch etc only want £150 for it
  10. How much are you looking mate? Need a bit of bass! I have 2x MTX 9500 sledgehammers sitting in my room doing nothing since my coupe got written off and a 1501D mono amp to power them but pointless in a vert! Cheers jase 07733 334220
  11. Hi mate did you get my text? I'm interested considering I seen how low yours was compared to mine now lol Gimme a text - 07733 334220 Jase
  12. Well I'm tight on money as is everyone and all though there lovely wheels just dnt think 500 + my mv2's is a good deal :| I'd go to £400 and mine but I'm a bit weary about that tbh mate I know the good thing is that I can collect pretty much whenever!
  13. Mv2's and £350 cash I'll collect them tomorrow about 5? Jase - 07733 334220
  14. Fingers crossed it's summit simples
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