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  1. I dont know if there any good but they look awesome mate
  2. Heated seats are relatively easy and cheap to retrofit. Xenons are fairly common on facelift 330 coupes/convertible bi-xenons are super rare. If the car is fitted with ribbon style cable to the mirrors the ribbon mirror are like hens teeth if your wanting to retro fit. The satnav is now old hat in e46's probably better fitting a better headunit maybe a dynavin unit. Interior trims are an easy swap. My facelift 2005 330ci has the tyre monitor system and the 4 other facelift 330ci's im close to all have this but im not sure if it was a standard feature or not.
  3. I have no problems actually replacing the seals and fitting the anti rattle kit, i'm just after the advice on if i'll be ok refurbing another vanos unit to replace my own. Need the car off the road for the minimum amount of time
  4. My 330ci is ready for a vanos rebuild and im hoping to buy a 2nd hand unit to rebuild and fit the anti rattle kit too, then get my mechanic to just swap them over whilst replacing the valve cover gasket. Will i run into any issues with fitting another vanos unit from a car of the same engine and year ?? All advice welcome guys
  5. That looks absolutely perfect mate as above whats the size and spec of the wheel and tyre setup links would be handy
  6. I paid 6k for my 2005 330ci facelift msport vert, 1 owner from new FBMWSH, 68000 miles, 12 months warrenty, all recalls completed. £2500 worth of warrenty paintwork completed by main dealer consisting of all 4 archs renewed. All cooling system replaced, both front arms upgraded, rear suspension overhauled, very very tidy car great spec minus sat nav, hardtop included with storage stand, biege/cream leather, mystic blue paint. £1000's worth of reciepts for all sorts of bits that have been replaced through the dealer. It was sold as being over serviced but compared to some of the dogs i went to view i think the one i bought has been properly serviced and things replaced when they needed to be instead of waiting for them to go faulty. Its a great car so i think you certainly get what you pay for with these.
  7. I will look out the sellers details and post them up. Thanks alot mate i look forward to hearing from you
  8. Hey guys, I'm really struggling to find the correct bm part numbers for a the rear springs for my 2005 facelift e46 330ci msport convertible. I've been on realiem and it says no results for my car. I've spoke to a few suppliers and there as confused as i am. Im finding standard springs, msport springs, heavy duty springs but not that seem to fully fit the bill for my car. Any help massively appriciated. Cal
  9. Thanks for the reply where did you purchase the calipers from ??
  10. Loving the progress the cars looking great are your new calipers bmw units or pattern parts? If you dont mind me asking what did you pay for all 4 ?
  11. Have you got anyway to read if its got any fault codes stored? Cant quite tell with noise is it even trying to turn over ?
  12. I think there equal to the bmw oem parts
  13. Erm i cant sorry guys i cant find his for sale thread, sign up its free then search his username and message him. You wont regret it
  14. Well its how you check the level so its a bit important, also be aware that the cooling system is a weak point on these cars sadly
  15. Meyle do them i think there stuffs well regarded in the BM community
  16. Theres a guy M3POWERBOY on m3cutters that makes sets for the e46 not the cheapest but great quality and if your buying a full kit he usually offers discount
  17. Could anyone show how these correctly fit my clips are complete with no bits snapped off and i've attempted to remove and refit my bumper 3 times and it just pops back out straight away
  18. I think avalaugh is correct i order gearbox and diff oil for my 330ci 6spd from cotswold bmw on here and they sent me 1 1L bottle
  19. So i stripped off my side skirts cleaned the sills and off i went to stratstone chesterfield they've photo'd it and i await another phone call surprisingly they was on 2 5p sized bits of rust but i though whilst its in warrenty i'll get it done so im stripping the front and rear bumpers off in the next fortnight to check there too
  20. According to the guys in the US they do mate
  21. Im looking at a set of csl reps 8.5" Front / 9.5" Rear et38 front / et45 rear The cars a 330ci convertible 2005 What would be the ideal tyre size to avoid any scrubbing/rubbing i might be looking to lower but only on eibach springs nothing major Also in the past i've always stuck to goodyear eagles for the all round performance are there any recommendations for which tyres ? Thanks guys Cal
  22. Hi guys Right firstly i have a 2005 facelift m sport 330ci vert now im soon to remove both front and rear bumpers to realign them so im hoping for some pointers to doing that. Also my rear bumper is sagging both sides where it meets the archs so im hoping i'll replace the brackets in these locations and that solve it but im not sure which brackets i might need. Also my front has done the same where some nice chap reversed into me and it appears to have popped out at the sides where it meets the archs again and pointers or part number would be great Thanks in advance guys
  23. It was there new demonstrator so it had everything, i could easily be tempted
  24. Great news mate, i was wounded when she handed me mini keys im ashamed to say it was brilliant
  25. Brilliant mate did you need to tell him bolt size etc or does he know what bits n bobs for each car ? How many have you replaced or just the ones in the pictures?
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