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  1. Replaced the ccv system on the 325, it idles better and seems to have gained a bit of mid range so there must have been a leak, but the sod still conks out at junctions when it's about in the middle of the blue on the gauge... Intake boots were done a little while back so they're Ok. Currently browsing wheels, it's getting time to get the winters off, 18" CSL reps are the favourite at the moment.
  2. I would do it with the lights off, they get really hot in moments so you will burn you fingers with them on. Especially if you have to fiddle with the retaining clip. Been there and done that.
  3. I have them so that I can get to work even if it does snow like it did in 2010, If i show up then get told to go home I get paid. No show = No pay. EDIT Why has it included a quote that I can't get rid of? Can't even delete my post and try again.
  4. I just paid £225 for my 325I for Brembo discs and pads with new handbrake shoes (fahren), a spring kit for them and a pair of febi wear sensors... I didn't think that was a bad price for all that and they are not fakes. It is a bit more for the 330 though.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E46-330ci-330i-330d-Front-Rear-Coated-Brembo-Brake-Discs-Pads-Shoes-Sensors-/271889642263?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE46|Cars+Type%3A330+Ci&hash=item3f4de2b317
  5. Yep it's been another day of thick fog, more numpties with no lights or just DRL's and even one guy in a Hyundai coupe who thought that high beams were better and that he didn't have to wait for me to pass when his side of the road was blocked (lots of parked cars and I was already well into the gap)... A face full of Bi-Xenon convinced him to wait, and dip his lights... I seriously need a dash cam.
  6. Removed this lot Replaced with Brembo disc's and pads, re-used the wear indicators though as they were untouched... Had a neighbour come out wondering what was happening with me using air tools, the impact gun he's heard before but the whine of the air ratchet was new (only had it 15 years).
  7. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/93097/winter-tyres-test-20152016-reviews-and-uk-prices There's a nice video on there showing the difference, an extreme case but it illustrates the point... If I was in Scotland, I wouldn't hesitate.
  8. Drove it to the gym and back, first ever gym session so now my body does not fancy the idea of wrestling with heavy brake discs... Even the coffee mug feels heavy at the moment.. Also I like the new layout, took a few minuets to get used to it and it's different on the laptop compared to mobile devices but it didn't take me long to adapt.
  9. I already have my winters on, way back in 2010 I was driving a 2.8 E30 with Toyo T1R's when all the snow came down (8" in a few hours) and that was Interesting Camskill is a good place to buy from, I got my Vradestein snowtrack 5's for about £55 a corner then had to get them fitted.
  10. Looked at it out of the window, I have a box of parts to fit but it's raining cats and dogs, so stuff that.
  11. Main dealers only, I doubt that any after market parts exist with the genuine ones being that price and available next day.
  12. The good news is I have just replaced both boots on mine for £25.80 including vat. The bad news is the clips on the lower boot are a swine to get to, the heads on them face down and back, flip them so they are accessible from the top when you fit the new bits.
  13. Just ordered the Brembo set from my post on page 1, will see how good they look when they get here. EDIT This is what's in the box... I'm happy with that, not quite sure about the brake shoes but they look okay to my eye and only hold the car still when parked. Febi Bilstein sensors and a Mintex spring kit should be good, all that and a hernia for £225 (around 50KG total weight).
  14. If they come down to road level I was riding through them up Holme Moss last week, 50 yards visibility is not much fun weather there are 2 or 4 wheels under you up there.
  15. After washing, polishing and waxing the car the other day I checked the oil before I headed off for work and as I was doing that I heard 2 dull thuds at the back of the car... Fecking pigeons, i'm sure the git's fly round until they see their reflections in something then 'Bombs away'. When I didn't wash the car for weeks, nothing.
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